Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 12th July 2019 :- Saltanat to start her job as Cafe manager


The episode starts with Saltanat enters her room after taking a bath and says today is the first day of my job and I am getting late. She is drying her hair with a towel and asks Zaroon to give her tea. Zaroon gives her tea and plays a cute prank. He says my left eye is causing some irritations, don’t go to work. Saltanat says today is my first day and I can’t take off like that. Zaroon says but today is your birthday, Saltanat says so what? She looks at the mirror and says you have no right to look so beautiful and giggles. She says if there is some more makeup, then it will be perfect.

Zaroon arranges some things and makes organic kohl with the burning black color of the oil and also arranges lipstick and blush. Saltant gets impressed with his technique and says I never knew you have so much knowledge about makeup. Zaroon says it is because of the Internet. Saltant asks him did you watch such videos on the internet. She says bye to him and is about to go when Zaroon asks her to stop and brings curd and sugar. He says Priti gave it to me saying that it’s for good luck. Saltant have a spoon of it and leave for work. Zaroon asks her to stop for a while again and clicks her smiling picture as a birthday photo.

Here Mamoon and Sabina are in car and Mamoon asks Sabina why she is so happy and smiling? Sabina says it is because I am happy today as you agree to come with me. They halt before a shop and Mamoon asks her, are you sure? Sabina says I am 100% sure of it.

Saltanat enters the cafeteria and meets her HR, he asks her to get ready as Cabin will open shortly and asks her to address him as “Bunty”. Saltanat agrees and goes for a dress change. She comes out and gets ready to take over her work. Mamoon and Sabina enter the same cafe and Mamoon ask Sabina for one last time if she is sure? Mamoon warns last time while pregnancy rumor you said you are sure too. Saltanat notices them and they also noticed her in manager counter. The service girl asks Sabina what they like to have? Sabina orders for two coffee. They are taunting Saltanat and also mocks Zaroon but she kept quiet.

The service girl keeps the coffee in a table, both of them get settled there. Saltanat again engrossed in her work. Sabina says how will we call her here? How will we take a picture and show the world that Saltant is maligning her comb and religious beliefs? Mamoon thinks of a plan and makes a situation to call Saltanat there. They created a scene in the cafe and starts insulting Saltanat. Sabina dares her to come out in open if she is not scared. Saltanat comes out and she is wearing skinny black slacks with a mini skirt. sabina and Mamoon get shocked to see this.

Saltanat asks Sabina to take her photo and show to Miyajaan that to run her house she is doing efforts with dignity. She then tells them, it’s not clothes but the mentality is bad. She asks the service girls to give them complimentary coffee. When their boss came out and asks them to keep quiet and says the mishap is unintentional. Another service boy says it’s not an accident and shows a CCTV footage where Mamoon is mixing the hair in the coffee. Saltanat looks at him, Mamoon throws the money on Saltanat face. Sabina taunts her, Saltanat also gives back with full force. She holds Sabina’s hand and says I will not let you do such audacity of slapping me.

Here Zaroon thinks how to gather money for celebrating Saltanat birthday. Suddenly a notice pamphlet attracts his attention and he enquires about it to a guy.
Saltanat notices the same wound in Sabina’s hand like Kainaat. She asks her how did her hand gets wounded? Sabina’s tongue slips and she says you should have died that day by drowning in water. Saltanat feels weird and enquires Sabina about it. Sabina makes an excuse for her saying and pushes Saltanat and left from the cafe.

Here Zaroon enters the fight club and enquires when a guy told him that you will get 25 thousand for get beaten by him. Zaroon sees Saltanat picture of the morning in his phone and gets ready to fight. Saltanat here is trying to call Zaroon but he doesn’t pick up her calls. Later an organizer guy picks the cal and informs Saltanat about Zaroon getting beaten at the fight club and he can be needed to get hospitalized if required. Saltanat gets shocked to get the news.

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