Sufiyana Pyar Mera 20th June 2019 Written Update; Zainab to manipulate Saltanat

The episode starts with the argument of Zaroon and his father which was witnessed by Zainab, she leaves from there. Kainaat comes and listen to Zaroon saying he loves Saltanat and is fed up of listening Kainaat name again and again for marriage. Kainat fumes in anger and leaves. Sabina comes to her and says Zaroon is ruining the whole plan. Without his approval Miyajaan will not agree for the alliance. What if he says that he doesn’t love you…Kainaat shuts her up. She says Zaroon is so proud of his love then I will also make him beg for marry me. She gets crazy again.
Zaroon and Mamoon argument continues as Zaroon says I love Saltanat and will marry her only. Mamoon says if you think your love is true, then you have two hours. Go and get your Saltanat confess her love in front of all the housemates and I will never come between you two. Zaroon says you are being stubborn and blackmailing me. This won’t work this time, I will not fall prey to your words. Mamoon breaks a bottle and hold close to his neck and says will you understand now how much this matter is sensitive to me?
Saltanat is crying in her room and reminiscing her moments with Zaroon. Naina song plays in the background……..Neelam comes and says after sacrificing love a sister is crying here in happiness of her other cousin sister. Truely sister should be like you and no one else. Saltanat pleads to her not to taunt her today at least. Neelam gets Zebran call but disconnects. Neelam comes and hugs Saltanat and asks her to cry as much as she wants. She will not stop her today.
Saltanat hugs her and says why me? I know this is coming but still he was never meant for me. Neelam says but he is not a puppet of fate. Saltanat looks on. Neelam says Zaroon declined for the alliance to Miyajaan and come back without answering anything. He proves today that you are important for him. Saltant says how can he do such a thing? How come he say NO to Miyajaan? Neelam says he already did it Saltanat. Neelam again gets Zebran call and scolds him over the phone and declines to meet him. Saltanat goes out to spend some time alone. Neelam prays to god for doing some miracle and let Zaroon and Saltanat gets together.
Zainab comes to Miyajaan and says Zaroon will never agree for this alliance. Miyajaan said marriage can not be done forcefully. If fate has written Kainaat and Zaroon destiny together then it will happen anyhow. But if Zaroon is not for Kainaat then no power in the world can make them with each other. Zainab tell Miyajaam that Kainaat already attempted suicide once.
Kainaat comes there and does her drama of not marrying Zaroon again and leaves. Zainab promised her in mind she will do anything to make Kainaat dream to get fulfilled.
Rubina and Nadeem discuss Saltanat and says she feels pity for Saltanat. She loves Zaroon but won’t claim him as hers in front of all. Rubina says she can never get Saltanat reason of doing this. Nadeem says she thinks she should be thankful to Kainaat. Rubina says but it’s wrong, Nadeem agrees. Zainab hears their conversation from outside.
Mamoon meets Saltanat and asks her to refuse Zaroon love for greater interest. She gets sad and goes to dargah. She went to dargah and moulabi sahb gives her a thread of mannat to tie in the dargah. She thanks him and hears a voice from behind. It appears to be Zainab who again requests her to tie it with the prayer of fulfilling her sister wish.

Precap : Zaroon confronts Saltanat about her decision for their love and future together.