Sufiyana Pyar Mera 29th August 2019 written update:- Kainaat kills Gazala and Police suspects Saltanat

The episode starts with Gazala getting stunned seeing Kainaat. She asks why did she do all this for which Kainaat replies Zaroon. Gazala says that she’ll end her game and runs away pushing her. Gazala keeps running when Kainaat blocks her way in her real form. Gazala gets stunned and asks her to stay away but Kainaat holds the knife in front of her shocking her. Gazala tries running away but Kainaat holds her by her wrist. She struggles under her hold while Kainaat stabs her in the stomach. Zaroon enters the mansion while Kainaat stabs Gazala multiple times mercilessly. She then looks at the cctv and shows her face clearly in it so that everyone believes that it’s Kainaat who killed her.

Later she goes and changes her dress as Saltanat. She acts in front of the cctv as if she’s struggling to fight with Kainaat and stabs herself too. She lays wounded besides Ghazala.
Zaroon enters and gets shocked seeing the condition of his mother and wife. He asks what happened to which Gazala points Saltanat and says her to be Kainaat. Kainaat twists her sentence as she couldn’t complete it due to her injury. She says Kainaat attacked her and Gazala when trying to save her gets stabbed by Kainaat. Zaroon keeps calling Gazala but she dies at the lap of Zaroon. Zaroon became still and is too shocked to react. Nadeem and Rub ina enters and gets shocked seeing the scene in front of them. Later Mamoon too arrives followed by Neelam and her family. Mamoon holds Gazala dead body and cries hardly. He keeps asking her to wake up. Zaroon shouts Saltanat and takes the knife and leaves somewhere.

He reaches Kainaat grave and digs it to find empty. Zaroon remembers his mother and shouts Kainaat.

Sharma’s sister makes up Saltanat face on Sharma’s insistence so that no one could find her. He says that her life gonna change forever.
The Police checks the cctv footage and everyone gets shocked seeing Kainaat. He cross questions Saltanat about the incident while Kainaat stands tensed. Nadeem tries intervening but Zaroon stops him. Police says that as of now Saltanat is the prime suspect. Not only Saltanat but each and every family members are the suspect. He firmly believes that the murderer is from within the family as they couldn’t find any footprints outside. Kainaat tries saying that the murderer could have erased herself raising more suspicions on her. Even Zaroon starts suspecting Saltanat supporting the inspector while Kainaat gets nervous. The inspector orders to perform blood test with every family member and match it with the murderers blood on floor while Kainaat gets tensed.

Precap : everyone including Zaroon blood tests takes place while Kainaat pretends falling unconscious. Nadeem asks her to rest but Zaroon forces her to give the blood test shocking Kainaat.