Suhaagan 10th June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya exposes Birju and Babli

Suhaagan 10th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the shocking revelations of Birju and Babli. After finishing all the wedding rituals with Krishna, Babli comes to know that it is not Krishna with whom she is getting married but Shakshi and Baldev were befooling her disguising as a bride and the priest. Babli is about to lose her sense seeing the face of them both and becomes totally speechless.

On the other hand, Birju also finds out that Krishna has deceived him disguising as a Bindiya. When he gets ready to spend the night with Bindiya, but when he unveils the face of his brand new wife, he becomes utterly surprised by this sudden incident, Krishna holds the collar of Birju and makes him realise the real power of truthful couple. He also threat he will kill her if he ever dream to spend the night with Bindiya. Bindiya also comes there and clears out no one could defeat them when they are together. Krishna starts beating them and brings them in the dining hall.

Being perplexed by the present situation, Babli proceeds to hit her. But immediately all the family members safeguard Bindiya. She exposes that it was her plan that Indu ousted Bindiya from the house so that Babli and Birju will misunderstand them. Indu clearly says that no one could take the place of Bindiya in the house, they regard her as their daughter. Meanwhile Payal becomes totally chickened out by the present condition. She fears if Birju and Babli will utter her name, she will be totally gone.

Bindiya exposes how she came to know about plan of Birju and Babli. She also comes to know that they kept Krishna in the storeroom. She gathered the courage of other family members and got ready to save the life of Krishna. Birju and Babli roar in anger, couldn’t understand how Bindiya and Krishna have defeated them. Krishna also explains how he eloped from that situation. Although, Birju wanted trap Bindiya and Krishna but now he himself is exposed by his mischievousness.

Being defeated by Bindiya and Krishna, Birju gets ready to utter the name of Payal. But Payal starts her another drama and pretends them to beat them. She forbids them to lealnthr name of her otherwise they will be in greater danger.

Episode ends.

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