Suhaagan 11th June 2024 Written Update: Payal’s envy towards Bindiya

Suhaagan 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the grand arrival of Bindiya and Krishna in the Shukla house. Indu gets surprised seeing the balloons in the hand of Krishna. When she is asked to open the boxes of the gifts, she thinks that Krishna and Bindiya have brought gaming toys for Nidhi’s baby. Then Amma announces that Bindiya is expecting her baby. The whole family gets overwhelmed by the news and bless the couple. But Payal couldn’t believe her ears that Bindiya is pregnant. She promises that she will snatch all the happiness from the life of Bindiya and Krishna.

Coming into the room, Bindiya and Krishna start fighting with each other assuming the gender of the upcoming baby. When Krishna demands a baby girl from Bindiya, Bindiya herself assumes that she is going to give of a boy child. They also start to fix the name of the baby. But the names are not liked by his wife. Bindiya is also asked to decide the name of the baby. They finally decide that they will name the baby as Swara. Amme MA also gives her blessing to the name.

In the next day, Indu serves a plate of delicious food, but Bindiya feels afraid and nervous to see the amount of the food. Amma and Krishna also give her the food to eat. She can’t decide which one she should take the first. Krishna asks his wife to have the organic food only so that the baby will be healthy and pure. After a while, Baldev calls a priest to fix a date on which they will offer their Puja. The priest foresees something ominous about the baby, but they have to perform a Puja in the Shukla house.

From that same time, Krishna starts taking care of Bindiya with some extra care. When Bindiya comes down with the stairs, Krishna stops her and he takes her in his arms and came downstairs. Seeing their chemistry and bonding, Payal feels very jealous and intentionally hides her envious face. She fakes out that she is taking care of Bindiya. When Payal comes outside of the house she notices a dairy distributor comes in front of the house. She immediately plans to do something mischievous.

Episode ends.

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