Suhaagan 12th June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya gets shocked witnessing the rude behaviour of Krishna

Suhaagan 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal who intentionally mixes the poison in the dairy milk so that Bindiya and her upcoming baby will be died from the poison. She wants to harm to the happiness of Bindiya when the Shukla house has been celebrating the pregnancy of Bindiya. Coming into the room, Krishna insists his wife to have a glass of milk. After having the milk Bindiya feel something odd in her body. The uneasiness gets intensified and she runs into the bathroom. Krishna becomes puzzled and calls the elders of the house. Indu explains that Bindiya will have this kind of problems for the next 3 months and these all are biological. Krishna is forbidden to do any about this matter, he decides to study more about the pregnancy.

Coming into the room, Krishna discovers that Bindiya has been lying on the bed being senseless. She doesn’t response to the words of Krishna. Being perplexed by the present situation, Krishna runs towards hospital and admids her in there. Payal fakes out the concern about her sister and runs towards hospital. She assures Krishna that she will be there for her sister. After a while Bindiya is released from the hospital and they three return towards the home. Coming into the Shukla house, all the family member get relieved seeing Bindiya fine. All of a sudden Krishna announces that he doesn’t want this baby anymore. His weird behaviour makes everyone surprised and he is questioned about his quick decision.

Bindiya thinks that Krishna has been pranking them. Indu and Baldev also rebuke Krishna for his indecisiveness. But Krishna emphatically says that he doesn’t want this baby anymore. He doesn’t want to intensify the trouble of Bindiya, now he wants to spend sometime with Bindiya alone. He thinks that this baby will be a liability to both of them. Baldev questions on the fatherhood of Krishna. Bindia’s face become pale learning the decision of Krishna. They all decide to give sometime to him so that his tension will get relieved.

In the next day, Krishna’s heart gets melted seeing a baby girl in his room. The girl is the daughter of their house made. But Krishna confirms Bindiya that he doesn’t want this baby. Bindiya becomes restless and tries her best to make him explain the things well. Bindiya becomes suprised seeing the confirmation of Krishna. Payal overhears their conversation and smirks.

Episode ends.

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