Suhaagan 13th February 2024 Written Update: Bindiya is given the prize money

Suhaagan 13th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the victory of Krishna who wins the competition against Shera. After the announcement, Bindiya runs towards the wrestling ring to hug her husband. Krishna embraces Bindiya very warmly but he doesn’t feel well for his physical injuries. Bindiya helps Krishna to sit down in a chair. Meanwhile, India and Baldev reach in the same wrestling stadium. They laments over his healthy. Indu lashes out Bindiya but Krishna protects her from his mother. Being fired Indu proceeds to slap Bindiya, but Krishna immediately stops her and protects Bindiya from the hitting.


Payal goes to stand beside Krishna but Tripti stops her. Payal seems very happy as Krishna has won the five lakhs rupees.
Krishna requests the announcer to give all the money to Bindiya as she is real winner of this competition. As Bindiya chastised her husband with valour of tongue, and reproached him with her own resolution and courage. She tried to pour all power and energy in him so that he could able fight back.

Krishna has winned the match defeating Shera only because of Bindiya. She is given the five lakhs rupees which makes Payal extremely jealous. She couldn’t able to accept that Bindiya is handed over all the money. Tripti makes fun of her. Payal boastfully promises that she will snatch all the money from Bindiya by tonight. They both leave the spot.

Vikram couldn’t believe that his brother has won the game. Baldev also feels proud for his son. Shakshi clicks a photo with Krishna to post the photo in the social media. Bindiya goes to handover all the money to Indu, but she rejects all the gift as all these money are the cause of the Krishna’s injury. When Indu asks Krishna to return home with their car, Krishna rejects the car. He wants to go the house by himself. Bindiya asks Krishna to book a taxi so that they could go together.

Indu, Amma, Krishna and Bindiya head out for the Shukla house. Amma feels very proud of her grandmother. Suddenly, Krishna notices that Payal is dragging a pulling van which is stucked with many good. Krishna runs to Payal and asks her what she is doing. A truck runs from other side of the road. Bindiya saves their life.

Episode ends.

Precap : Payal will threatened to return the money.

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