Suhaagan 15th November 2023 Written Update: Payal starts a new game!

Suhaagan 15th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Payal drinking water after regaining consciousness. Everyone asks her to see the doctor but she says she’s okay. She says that she is stressed out due to so much tension in the house. Krishna asks Payal to not take any tension and just take rest. He asks Bindiya to stay away from Payal and makes it very clear that nothing happened between them last night.


Indu barbs Bindiya and asks her to stop her drama. Suddenly Bindiya’s dadi, Phulmati and others arrive. They wish everyone for Dhanteras. Bindiya and Baldev welcome everyone. Dadi says that this is Bindiya’s first Diwali so they brought whatever they could. Sakshi and Indu make fun of the things brought by them. Pankaj says their love can be seen in these things. Bindiya becomes overwhelmed to see the shagun. Baldev asks Bindiya to be happy since it’s Diwali.

Krishna asks Payal if she doesn’t trust him. She says that she does but she is stressed regarding something else. She says that she can’t share it with him now. After Krishna insists, Payal says that she has been feeling unwell since the past few days. Krishna asks her to go to the doctor immediately but Payal says that she is okay but she thinks that she might be pregnant. Krishna is shocked to hear this. Payal says that she is very puzzled and worried. Krishna asks her not to worry. He says that he would bring his mother now and ask her to do the needful and guide her.

Payal stops him and says that they can inform them later when they are completely sure. Krishna agrees so Payal asks him to bring a pregnancy kit for her. As Krishna leaves her room, Payal takes out the pregnancy kit of Nidhi that she had kept in her wardrobe. Bindiya comes to call Krishna and calls Payal from behind. She gets scared thinking that she might have heard everything. Bindiya says that she has come to call Krishna and asks her to come down if she wants to see dadi.

Bindiya’s family members make a big rangoli at the Shukla house. Suddenly Sakshi comes and praises them for the pretty rangoli. She asks their servant to bring tea and sweets for them. She says that there is good news that they must know. After some time she says that last night Krishna and Bindiya made out. They become happy to hear it and as soon as Bindiya comes they start making fun of Bindiya. She asks what’s the matter since everyone starts blessing her. Bindiya’s villagers suddenly start dancing to the music and teasing Bindiya, which makes her feel weird since she doesn’t know what Sakshi told them. Indu comes out listening to the loud music and asks what’s happening here. They stop the music immediately. Episode ends.

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