Suhaagan 18th November 2023 Written Update: Payal in a tight spot

Suhaagan 18th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sakshi asking her Maasi to leave. Bindiya returns the jewels to Indu. She says that she is poor but she isn’t greedy. She hasn’t given importance to money since childhood, then why would she steal these jewels? Baldev says that she is a fool. It’s hard to make her understand. Indu apologized to Dadi for everything. Dadi asks her not to apologise. They leave from there. Bindiya stops everyone. She noticed Payal hiding something in her hand. Sakshi asks her what’s now. Bindiya says that the jewellery matter is solved. But something is still to unveil here. She asks Payal what she is hiding? She says nothing. Bindiya asks her what she is hiding in her dhuppatta? Payal shows the pregnancy kit to Krishna. Krishna says that he will say it. Sakshi says that another drama started. Krishna asks Payal to give it to him. Krishna shows the pregnancy kit to them and says that Payal was hiding it. Sakshi asks her whose pregnancy kit this is? Nidhi fears that she will reveal the truth.

Krishna says that it’s Payal’s pregnancy kit. She is pregnant. Nidhi thinks how did she her pregnant early? Indu asks Payal if he is saying the truth? Payal says that she can’t hide it anymore. She fainted on that day because of it. Indu expressed her happiness with her. Sakshi imagines that Indu gives respect to Payal and her baby. She is going to treat her as a servant. She feels agitated while imagining Indu asking her to massage Payal’s leg and giving all the responsibility to her hand. Bickram brings her back to the world. She asks Payal if she is really pregnant? She checks the kit and says that it’s true. Bindiya recalls the incident and says that it’s a lie. Nothing happened in between them. Then how did she get pregnant? Bindiya says that it’s a lie.

Indu says that they have evidence here. Bindiya says that she is a liar because she can lie because of her selfishness. Krishna says that the truth is she can’t accept that their baby is coming to this world. He asks them to accept them. Bindiya says that if she is saying the truth then she has to take this test again and prove to them she is pregnant. Payal says that it’s a happy time for them. She shouldn’t ruin it. Bindiya asks her why she is hesitating to prove her innocence. If she fears that her truth will come out. Payal asks Krishna why she is often going through this? She always has to prove her innocence. Krishna says that she isn’t saying a lie. But Bindiya needs proof of everything. She will take the test again. Payal asks him to bring the kit. Bindiya says that she will bring the kit. She doesn’t want to trouble anyone. She took this task. Indu asks Baldev to forget everything and be happy. Payal is going to give an heir to him.

Baldev says to Indu that he would have been happy if Bindiya had given an heir to him. He isn’t happy with this news. Sakshi says to Bickram that he is going to be an uncle, so he might be happy. He complaints that she only cares about her figure and the baby. She tells him that they wasted a lot of time, so she won’t stop him anymore. Later, Payal thinks that she won’t allow Bindiya to win this time. Later, Pankaj asks Nidhi why she looked nervous when Payal’s pregnancy news came. She scolds him and leaves. Meanwhile, Bindiya gives the pregnancy kit to Payal. She says that she brought the best kit. She says that someone will definitely be happy with the results. Krishna says that she won’t get happy news. He asks Payal to take the test. Payal asks Bindiya why she is following her? Bindiya says that she doesn’t believe her. She is ready to follow her everywhere to find the truth. But she is waiting outside for now.

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Precap: Payal in a dilemma

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