Suhaagan 19th March 2024 Written Update: Samay opens his heart infront of everyone

Suhaagan 19th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the conversation between Bindiya and Samay who come out for shipping. In the midst of the their marketing, Samay asks Bindiya to find out a food shop so that his mother could have a tiffin. Bindiya shows a popular fast food shop but Samay hesitates to have their food sitting in a open market. But Shanti goes with the decision of Bindiya.

Here, in the Shukla house, Amma hastily comes to Baldev that Payal has come to known about their plan. At the same time, Payal confesses to Indu and Krishna that Amma is plotting against them joining with the hands of Samay and Baldev.
Indu calls Baldev and Amma uttering their name. Immediately Amma informs Samay that Payal has come to know everything.

At the same time, Samay also come there and clears out that he doesn’t have any plan. Again Krishna and Payal question Samay why did he come here. But Samay pretends that there is no reason behind his appearance. He also reminds that he also have the same right in this house. Bindiya condemns Payal for her meanness and criticizes her interpretation.

Samay clears out that she has only one intention to come here but he doesn’t say that reason. Again Samay and Krishna start their fighting regarding Bindiya. Krishna emphatically says still they are officially married. In front of everyone, Samay confesses that he likes Bindiya. His confession makes everyone confounded including Bindiya. But listening the heart of Samay, she condemns Samay’s expectation and says she could lead happy life by herself. Shanti interferes and suggests Bindiya to come over from the past life.

Meanwhile, Payal again says that Samay, Baldev, Amma and Shanti Devi are plotting against Krishna and Bindiya. Suddenly a lawyer comes in the Shukla house with the divorce paper. Actually, Samay requested Baldev to call the lawyer as soon as possible. Baldev confesses that he had called the lawyer to file a divorce case since it will be beneficial for Bindiya. Krishna anticipates and reminds that he has not divorced Bindiya yet and clears out that he won’t to engage himself in any martial relationship until their divorce will be finalized.

Episode ends.

Precap : Krishna will be insisted to put a ring by Payal in their engagement ceremony. The ring will hurt the finger of Krishna

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