Suhaagan 19th November 2023 Written Update: Payal confirms her pregnancy!

Suhaagan 19th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal thinking that she can’t do anything. Bindiya is waiting outside. She has to think of something asap. If she doesn’t do anything, then her relationship with Krishna is over. Krishna notices Bindiya waiting outside. He says that she is doing too much. Bindiya says that she is doing the right thing. Payal intentionally drops the kit in the closet. She shouted for their attention. Bindiya asks Payal what happened? If she drops the kit in the closet, Bindiya says that, nothing to worry about, she has another kit. She brought many kits so she shouldn’t worry about anything. Krishna asks her not to be scared he is with her. Indu asks them what she is doing inside? Bindiya tells her what happened there. Krishna says that only 10 minutes is enough to test this kit. Sakshi asks her if she is building a house there? Bickram asks them what the result is! He even drank 2 cups of coffee. Indu says that she won’t leave until she sees the results. Krishna knocked on the door. He asks her to open the door. He worries about her. Bindiya says that nothing happened to her, so stop worrying about her. Bindiya asks her to come out. Her drama is over. If she doesn’t open the door, then she will break the door. He is about to break the door if she opens it. She gives the kit to Krishna. Bindiya says that it’s the truth. She is a liar. Krishna says that who is a liar is clear here. Indu says that she has to show the result to everyone.


Bindiya asks Krishna to show the result to her. Payal congratulates Bindiya and says that she is going to become a Maasi. Bindiya was shocked to hear it. Payal asks them if their doubt is cleared? Indu says that usually everyone will be happy hearing the news. But everyone’s mouth is closed here. Sakshi asks her how they will accept Payal and her baby? Payal isn’t Krishna’s official wife. The world will mention this child in another way. She humiliates Payal. Bickram supports his wife. Indu says that she won’t accept a word against this baby. This baby is their heir. She will give all the rights to this baby. Sakshi says that the world won’t accept it. Bindiya is not going to leave Krishna. The divorce case is still going on in court. If this news reaches the media, then this family’s reputation will be over. Payal says that this baby is unlucky. It’s going to die before coming out of the world. She is going to abort the child. Indu asks her how could she think like that? Payal says that their case is going on in court. She can’t do anything with it. Krishna asks her to take care of herself. He is there to handle it.

Krishna says to Bindiya that they went through pain and struggling in this relationship. She is fighting for her husband. He is fighting for his love. Their case is going on in court. They thought about waiting until the result came. But their baby is not able to wait. They are not able to kill this baby. He asks her to leave them for baby’s sake. Indu asks Bindiya to understand the pain of Krish. It’s a blessing to get an heir to the family. She asks Bindiya to go far from Krishna’s life. She begged her. Baldev asks her what happened to her? She is not able to see someone’s pain in front of her son’s love. It’s a matter of Bindiya’s life. She has to give her a time to think about it. Pankaj says that they have to think about both sides. Payal gets alert and creates a scene there. She starts beating her belly and blames the baby as it is the reason for everything. She is about to hit her belly with a flower vase. Bindiya asks her to stop it.

Bindiya says to Payal that she is not only hurting her but also this baby. She is a mother. She shouldn’t think about hurting her baby. She adds that it’s the heir of this family. She shares her grief with Indu. Bindiya says to Baldev that a child made her a guest there. She apologized to everyone for hurting them. She assures them that she won’t trouble them anymore. She asks Payal to stay with Krishna in his room without any problem. They are a couple now. She promised them.

Episode end

Precap; Bindiya loses her memory

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