Suhaagan 1st February 2024 Written Update: Bindiya’s effort to make Krishna happy

Suhaagan 1st February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishna who wants donate some vegetables to Payal and and her devotee group. Nidhi fears if Krishna would take any impulsive decision out of his frustration. Krishna brings many groceries and vegetables to give it Payal. He asks Bindiya to board on the one side of weight scale, so that he could able contribute the same amount of vegetables. Krishna thinks that Bindiya is the most auspicious lady in this house so it would be very pious if the vegetable will also be the same amount. Payal couldn’t able to bear it and throws a fire lamp to the vegetable.


Immediately the groceries and vegetables catch the fire and burns out everything. Bindiya and Krishna gets fired on Payal for her hypocrisy. But Payal declines all the donation as Krishna doubted Payal about her saintliness. Payal also pokes Krishna since he has proceeded in her life with Bindiya, but she gives an example of herself who is ready to sacrifice her everything in terms of her unrequited love. Krishna feels a disturbance in his mind and asks Bindiya to leave him alone for sometime. Bindiya also feels tormented in her mind. All they Shukla members go inside.

Payal returns to her camp where other girls also gather who were contracted to act as a devotee. Payal feels very disturbed since she couldn’t able to win the heart of Krishna. But she decides to continue the game in a powerful way.

After a while, Bindiya and Krishna head out for a long drive to erase the discomfort of their mind. But after a few minutes, Krishna wants to return home. Though Bindiya tries to draw his attention to the other things but Krishna doens’t get over the those mishaps. Suddenly, Bindiya notices a village fair. Stopping the car, she runs to buy a candy for herself. Seeing some children, she buys more candy for them, and asks them to make Krishna happy.

Though Krishna feels irritated for those boys but at the last he brings a smile on his face seeing those innocent faces. Bindiya also feels contented seeing Krishna’s smile. Suddenly a boy announces with a mike that Payal is going to die sinking in the water. Bindiya and Krishna both are taken aback hearing the announcement.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya steadfastly says Payal wouldn’t able to influence Krishna anymore. But Payal will challenge Bindiya that she wouldn’t able to harm her family anymore. But Payal will hope that this time also Krishna will become restless to save her life. Payal will proceed towards a river to die holding a photo of Krishna. Krishna will become tensed.

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