Suhaagan 1st June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya punishes Birju with a TRICK

Suhaagan 1st June 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bindiya who brings food for which of in his own room. Seeing the food Birju becomes very happy and couldn’t believe his own eyes that Bindiya really cares for him. Birju also requests her to feed him with her own hands. He dreams of their own togetherness, he also begs Bindiya for coming into his life. Taking the plate, Bindiya feeds him with her own hands. Birju continues that he wants to live his life with Bindiya, they want to lead a happy life. Suddenly Birju goes to bathroom leaving the food. He goes again and again to clear his stomach, there is something in the food which creates a chaos in a stomach for which he had to go to the bathroom repeatedly. Bindiya and Krishna Both continued to make fun of him. Bindiya forcefully asks him to eat but Birju can’t control himself. They try to keep him busy for the whole day. He runs from there, Bindiya and Krishna start making love with each other.

Gunmoti comes into the room of Payal, seeing her Payal becomes freaked out imaging the consequences if Gunmoti opens her mouth for once. Gunmoti asks Indu to prepare themselves for the upcoming marriage but Indu doesn’t care her words even. But Gunmati emphatically says that Bubbly wants to marry Krishna only and they are will be no other way to make her understand.

Bubbly comes into the room of Krishna without asking his permission and intervens in his works. She tries to help him in many ways, finally giving a thanks to her Krishna leaves the room. Bubbly builds a castle in the air hearing a small thank you from Krishna. After few hours, she again comes into the room of Krishna and says she wants to feed him which her own hand. Bindiya becomes furious witnessing her desperation and orders bubbly to leave the room. Bubbly adamantly says she has fallen for Krishna, from that day she will take care of Krishna and Bindiya also should concentrate on Birju only.

To stop the fighting between Bubbly and Bindiya, Krishna engages Babli in his works. The chemistry between Bindiya and Krishna makes Bubbly very jealous. She orders Bindiya to keep a safe distance from Krishna. But Bindiya doesn’t want to listen the orders of Bubbly. Bindiya is invited in the wrestling to prove her love for Krishna.

Payal decides to break her silence so that’s she BH stop j acting also. After few hours Payal pretends that she has got back her sense and starts her drama. The whole family come into the room of Payal to see her condition but she pretends to be very weak.

Epidural ends.

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