Suhaagan 20th November 2023 Written Update: Bindiya collapsed on the floor

Suhaagan 20th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindiya saying to Payal that she can lead a happy life with Krishna. She won’t disturb them. It’s her promise to her. She climbs on the stairs. She is about to fall. Krishna rushes to her help but she stops him. He feels guilty there. Bindiya recalls her moments with Krishna. Payal apologizes to everyone. Indu says to her that this baby isn’t her fault. It’s a blessing. Sakshi says that case is still going on in court. They are still in a dangerous situation. Indu says that she doesn’t allow her to talk about anything happily. They have to concentrate on Payal and her baby. This is their heir. No one should take Bindiya’s name here. Baldev shouts at her. He says that Bindiya is leaving this house for their happiness. She only cares about Krishna’s happiness. She is even forbidden to take her name here. He feels ashamed and leaves. Later, Bindiya asks Dadi if she has reached home safely? She nodded to her. She asks her if she is alright? Bindiya says that she is alright. Dadi says that she can feel the pain in her voice. Bindiya reveals to her that Payal is carrying Krishna’s baby. She tells her that her life is over. She breaks out in tears. She recalls the incident and feels heartbroken.


Later, Krishna hugs Payal from behind. She asks him if he is happy? He nodded to her. Payal says to him that it’s the happiest moment in their life. But no one is happy with this news. Krishna says that mom is happy. She has to be happy. She shouldn’t worry about others. Meanwhile, Baldev notices Bindiya crying. She says to him that she can’t fight anymore. How she will snatch the rights of a baby. She can’t even do this to her enemy. It’s Krishna’s baby. If she stays with Krishna, his baby will go far from him. How will she accept it? She tells him it’s God’s decision too. That is why everything turned out like that. Baldev asks her where she will go? She tells him that Dadi and Bua are there. He holds her hands and cries. She asks him not to cry. She asks him not to worry about her. She will be alright. He leaves from there. Later, Payal asks Krishna if he loves her like this forever? He nodded to her. She says to him that she is so happy today. She is going to stay with him in this room with his baby. She was about to shift her things to that room. He stops her and says that mom will scold him if she works this time. He excuses her. Payal thinks that her fake baby may be hungry.

Bindiya looks at herself in the mirror and cries. Nidhi pulls Payal inside her and locks the room. Later, Krishna asks Swapna to shift the things to his room. He notices the pillow on the floor. He knocks on the bathroom door. He asks Bindiya if she is inside? Nidhi asks Payal if she didn’t flush her pregnancy kit into the closet? She is using her kit to betray this family. Payal recalls the way she sneaked out of the bathroom and demanded Nidhi to do the pregnancy test. She threatened to reveal her truth to everyone. Nidhi tells her that she has the condition to do it. She has to tell her why she is doing this pregnancy drama with them? She thought she was helping her but she was playing with them emotionally. Payal says that if she is lying, then she is also lying. They hear Krishna’s sound and rush out. Krishna asks Bindiya to open the door. He gets suspicious and breaks the door. He asks them to call the doctor.

Baldev says to Krishna that she can’t forgive him if something happens to Bindiya. Indu asks Payal to walk slowly this time. Payal thinks if Bindiya is planning a new drama? Krishna completes the formalities. The nurse tells them she gained consciousness. They can meet her but they shouldn’t shout at her. Baldev asks her what happened to her? Bindiya asks him what happened to her? Why is she here? Who took her to the hospital? She notices Payal and asks her how she came here?

Episode end

Payal will take the arathi. Bindiya will ask her why she is wearing her bangles? Payal tells Krishna that she forgot everything but remembers the bangles. She is doing this memory loss drama to stay in this house.

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