Suhaagan 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Bindiya gives a tough time to Payal

Suhaagan 22nd November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal asking Bindiya what she is doing. Bindiya asks her how she got these bangles? Mom gave it to her. It’s her bangles. Why is Payal wearing it? Krishna says that she gave it to Bindiya but she may forget it. Bindiya says that it’s their traditional bangle. Krishna lies to her that she kept it in Almira. Payal may take it from there. Bindiya says that she doesn’t remember it. Bindiya says that it’s her family’s traditional bangle. She shouldn’t wear it. She asks her to remove it. Payal struggles to hold it back. Bindiya removes it from her hand and wears it. Krishna asks her to take a rest. Bindiya says that she needs answers to her questions. They do not answer her. When Payal got married? Where is her husband? She can’t remember anything. She is scared. Krishna asks her to calm down. He asks her not to be stressed.


Bindiya says to him that she can’t remember anything. She asks Payal if she is married to the person who she loves or someone else? Payal says that she is married to her love. Krishna says that she is right. Jer husband went out for some work. That is why she is staying with her. We brought her here to stay with them until he is back. Bindiya asks her when her-in-law will come? Krishna says that he will be back after his work is over. Bindiya says that a husband and wife might stay together. Bindiya asks her to show Payal’s husband’s photo. He lies to her that she brought a new phone, so she doesn’t have his phone. Bindiya complaints that he is answering her, not Payal. She can’t remember anything. He says that she isn’t well, so take a rest. Later, Payal scolds Krishna. She says to him that Bindiya is acting like she has lost her memory. She is plotting against them. Krishna asks her why she is behaving like that. She is always talking about plotting. She is thinking negatively. She says to him that she doesn’t know.

Payal says to him that she and her baby need his support at this time.

He says to her that it’s a matter of a few days. She will get back her memory. He asks her to be happy. Today is Diwali. Later, Bindiya and Krishna take Arathi together. Payal feels jealous to see them together. Indu asks Payal to eat the laddoo. It’s good for a pregnant woman. She feeds ladoo to her. She asks her why she is looking dull. Payal says that she isn’t happy. Bindiya snatches all her rights from her. She brings the past. She says that she even snatched her bangles and Krishna’s room from her too. It’s their first Diwali together in this house but she ruined it too. Indu says that Bindiya is not able to snatch anything from her. She gifted a necklace to her. She says that she has already promised to gift something to the daughter-in-law who she will give heir. Payal hugged her and thanked her. She says that she only needs her love. Indu leaves from there. Payal herself praised her for acting well. She thinks that everything will be hers asap. Sakshi complaints to Bickram that he ruined her live recording.

Sakshi asks Payal why she is wearing heavy jewels. Payal says that mom gifted it to her to give an heir to this family. She has to wear it. Sakshi gets jealous about seeing it. Payal asks Bindiya if this necklace looks good? Her mother-in-law gifted this to her. Indu says that she is a good person. She may give something precious to her. That is why she gifts it in return. Baldev says that Bindiya did many things for their happiness. Later, Baldev and Indu give Shagun to everyone. Sakshi gets disappointed when she understands that Indu didn’t give her necklace. Bindiya asks Payal to take her family photo. Payal thinks that she will expose her memory loss drama. They are lighting the crackers. Indu blessed Payal and Krishna.

Episode end

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