Suhaagan 26th March 2024 Written Update: Krishna slaps Payal

Suhaagan 26th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal scolding herself for flopping her own plan. Samay arrives there. He questions her for deliberately trapping, Bindiya also plans to trap him with her to create more drama. Payal questions him back for trying to create a drama between her and Krishna. Samay calls her as a revenge queen. Payal accepts her conspiracy. Shanti Devi hears Payal’s confession, so she calls out Baldev. Both Payal and Samay follow her. The entire family arrives there, and they question Shanti Devi. Shanti Devi demands Bladev to come out, which leads to an argument between her and Indu. Baldev arrives there. He asks Shanti Devi what happened. Samay tries to stop Shanti Devi, but she refuses to listen to him. Shanti Devi then tells the entire family about Payal’s conspiracy to ruin the reputation of both Bindiya and Samay. Everyone gets shocked.

Bindiya questions Payal for conspiring against her. Payal tries to turn the table, but Samay intervenes and saves Bindiya. Payal tries to justify her act with her lies, but Shanti Devi confronts her confession. Payal feels helpless. Amma Ji shouts at Payal for her conspiracy. Bindiya asks Payal to shut her mouth. Payal tries to put all the blame on Bindiya, which leads to an argument between both sisters. Payal badmouths Bindiya. Bindiya gets hurt. Krishna slaps Payal. Payal plays a victim card. Shanti Devi decides to let Bindiya and Samay get married immediately, but Bindiya asks her to wait, and then she leaves the place. Payal gets hopeful that she can finally able to get rid of Bindiya from her life. Indu mocks Bindiya when both Baldev and Amma Ji wonder what happened.

Bindiya comes with the Shagun, which Shanti Devi gave to her the other day. She returns the Shagun and firmly states that she can’t marry Samay. Krishna looks happy. Shanti Devi gets hurt with Bindiya’s decision. She tries to change Bindiya’s decision, but Bindiya tells her that they can’t suffer because of the questions they are facing from society. She further praises Samay’s good nature but clarifies that she and Samay are only friends. Krishna gets relieved. He thinks in his mind that Bindiya didn’t agree to marry Samay.

Bindiya further tells Shanti Devi that she is aware that the latter brought the Shagun things full of love, but she isn’t ready to accept this relationship. She also looks at Krishna and taunts him indirectly, saying one should accept a relationship wholeheartedly. Shanti Devi tells her that Samay isn’t like others. Bindiya tells her that she can’t hurt Samay, and then she goes inside, followed by Amma Ji. Payal gets worried that Bindiya may come between her and Krishna’s relationship as she openly rejects the marriage proposal of Shanti Devi.

Both Shanti Devi and Baldev have a conversation about Bindiya’s decision. Meanwhile, Bindiya cries hard to hurt Shanti Devi’s emotions because of Payal. Amma Ji tries to console her. She also questions her for not moving on. Bindiya questions why a woman can’t move on without a man by her side. Amma Ji tells her it’s not what she meant. Bindiya talks about women’s strength and asks why the world thinks a woman needs a man’s support. She then firmly says that she doesn’t need a man’s support.

Precap: Krishna’s confession to Bindiya shocks Payal and Indu while Samay, Amma Ji, and Baldev get happy.

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