Suhaagan 29th March 2024 Written Update: Sakshi instigates Vikram against the Shukla’s

Suhaagan 29th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bladev announcing Bindiya to explain their project to the investor’s. Bindiya explains. Krishna looks everything from the distance. One of the men comes to Krishna, and he questions him for not being with Samay and Bindiya as he is a business partner too. He also compliments both Bindiya and Samay, and then he leaves the place. Krishna gets upset and angry.

Here, Sakshi tries to have an alcohol but Vikram stops her from having it. He also questions Sakshi’s behaviour. Sakshi vent out her frustration with him about his family members’ behaviour towards them. She also insults him so Vikram gets angry. Vikram asks her to give him a solution. Sakshi makes him have an alcohol then she asks him to create a scene in which Vikram agrees and he leaves from there. Nidhi and Pankaj see everything, and they both get worried.

One of the investors insists both Samay and Bindiya have a dance together. Bindiya and Samay refuse by giving an excuse, but they give into their investors request. Krishna fumes in rage seeing this from far. Payal bribes the waiter to influence Krishna with alcohol to create a drama during the party. The waiter obliges. Bindiya and Samay join the investors. Krishna decides to stop Bindiya from dancing with Samay. The waiter influences him to have a drink. Krishna has the drink. He then fumes in anger seeing the closeness of both Bindiya and Samay. Payal gets happy seeing Krishna’s state. Krishna heavily gets drunk. He then says to himself that Bindiya has no right to hurt him like this, and neither Samay has the right to get closer to Bindiya.

Krishna approaches both Bindiya and Samay. Vikram arrives there in his drunken state. He questions Krishna for being the favourite person of both Indu and Baldev despite all the mistakes he has done it to spoil their reputation. Krishna leaves Vikram. Vikram gets upset. Krishna approaches the stage where Samay and Bindiya are dancing. Payal follows him with hope. She gets shocked when Krishna breaks the glass. She realises that Krishna isn’t in control, so she takes him away from there. She also scolds him for being drunk. Krishna complains about the dance of Bindiya and Samay without taking their names, so Payal takes him to the stage to dance with him.

Here, Sakshi scolds Vikram for not taking a stand for himself. Vikram tries to explain to her that he has tried. Sakshi expresses her disappointment towards him. She then gets shocked seeing Indu. Indu scolds Sakshi for instigating Vikram against his family. She also warns Sakshi, and then she leaves. Vikram gets angry. Meanwhile, Payal dances with a drunken Krishna in the stage. Krishna imagines Bindiya in place of Payal. So he starts dancing with her. Payal gets happy. Krishna addresses Payal as Bindiya, which leads Payal to shout at him, which gets everyone’s attention. Everyone stares at her.

Payal rudely drags Bindiya with her in front of the investor’s ignoring Bindiya’s question. Everyone gets shocked. Samay follows the sisters. Payal brings Bindiya in front of a drunk Krishna, and then she shouts at Krishna, saying that she will hate her face if he thinks she is Payal. Krishna stares at the sister’s clueless.

Precap: Krishna requests Bindiya to accept him back in her life, but Bindiya firmly refuses it.

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