Suhaagan 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya accepts the challenge of Babli

Suhaagan 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with an interesting scene in Shukla house. Babli wants to play wrestling with Bindiya to solve the problem between them. She challenges the whole Shukla family and invite them to play wrestling with her. If the group of Bubbly will win the game she will marry Krishna and Bindiya have to marry Birju again.

When Indu and Bindiya both disagree to play any game, Babli intentionally manipulates Bindiya to play with her. Payal also does the same and motivate Bindiya to play against the opposite team to prove her love towards Krishna. She fakes out the faithfulness towards this family and asks Bindiya to accept the challenge. Krishna doesn’t want Bindiya to fight with that filthy girl prove their love but Babli instigates her mind so that she will start fighting with her. She also gives example of other ladies who proved themselves for their love. Bindiya accepts the challenge of Babli and says she will fight with her.

Bindiya also showcases her power since she used to work in the field and assures Krishna that she also has the same power to play with Babli. But the whole family remains that Babli is a professional wrestling participant who will definitely defeat Bindiya within 2 minutes but she doesn’t want to call of the challenge. Indu finds it impossible for Bindiya to win the game.

Birju doesn’t want this game because Bindiya might get hurt due to this fighting but Babli promises that she won’t hit her that much.

Bindiya watches some video of other wrestling champions to get some ideas for Krishna reminds that it’s not easy to learn wrestling from watching some videos. Bindiya all song says that it’s a not a mere fighting rather, it’s a battle between false and truth. Bindiya wants the full support of Krishna.

Payal finds out that her to legs are not working properly and they are getting paralyzed even after the long treatment. She couldn’t digest this fact that she will never walk again. Failed to accept this reality Payal becomes more revengefull and promises herself that she will destroy the happiness of Bindiya and Krishna. She calls gonmoti in her room and asks her to break the legs of Bindiya while she will fight with Bubbly. When she doesn’t agree to hurt that much to Bindiya Payal gives her golden bangles.

In the next morning, Bindiya starts warming up her body with the help of Krishna so that she could properly participate in the game. The full supportive behaviour of Krishna makes jealous to Payal.

Episode ends.

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