Suhaagan 30th May 2024 Written Update: Birju forces Bindiya to come with him

Suhaagan 30th May 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts. The fighting takes place between Birju and Bindiya. Bindiya emphatically bsays she didn’t marry anyone before except Krishna. Krishna says that Birju has been harassing his family and specially Bindiya. In spite of not having enough proof they are creating new problems in their house. Suddenly group of police and MLA come in the spot.

Everyone becomes surprised but MLA shockingly says that he will support Birju this time. Bindiya couldn’t able to understand what is going on and requests the MLA to change his mindset. But he also goes against Bindiya. When the squabble gets triggered off and both the sides demand their own thing, Bindiya interferes and reminds the media that there is no need to involve others because it’s a matter of her life. So she only have the right to take the decision what she should do in her life, she has every right to choose her own husband.

After leaving of police and the media, Birju and his family decide that they will stay in Shukla house. The mother of Birju emphatically says that she will prove their marriage by tonight. Birju brings some random people to speak for themselves. After some time the people of Chiraiya village come to the shukla family, and support Bindiya. They know Birju and they all know what kind of person he is! After a while Fulmati also takes the side of Birju and says that Bindiya and Birju married in their childhood.

Taking the side of Birju, Shakshi wants Bindiya to leave the house. The two sides start squabbling each other. When Birju forces to take Bindiya with her but Krishna doesn’t want let anyone to enter in her life. Bindiya brings Birju to the other side and orders him to leave the house as soon as possible. Birju says that he could go any extent to win Bindiya to get in his life. But Krishna safeguards Bindiya and protects his wife. Birju calls Bindiya repeatedly but she goes with his husband.

To sort out the matter Baldev let Birju and his family to live in his house, so that any other problem will not occur again. Birju smirks when he thinks that he is going to win.

Episode ends.

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