Suhaagan 31st May 2024 Written Update: Bindiya plans to punish Birju

Suhaagan 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with a very chaotic situation in Shukla house. Baldev intervenes in the matter when Birju and his family become restless to get Bindiya in their life and promises to everyone that he will look after this matter. When all the villagers and medias leave the Shukla house, Bindiya draws a line down the middle of the room And made it clear to Birju to approach her without crossing this line. Birju still doesn’t understand what Bindiya wants. Meanwhile, Gulmati calls Payal and starts chasing her for money. Payal promises that she will arrange the money withing few days.

Suddenly Gunmoti hears a chaos in the room. Sooner she learns that Birju and his sister have been fighting with each other. Birju’s sister has fallen for Krishna who wants Krishna badly in her life. But Birju doesn’t like Krishna and their squabble gets triggered off. She firmly says she will not keep her life if she will not get Krishna in her life.

Bindiya becomes very weakling bearing the tantrums for the last few days. Krishna comes to her and asks her why she has been losing herself because of a mere outsider, he tries to stand beside her like a rock, Bindiya immediately realises her mistakes and promises that she will not feel down anymore because of Birju. Now she wants to fight back with this evil.

On the next day, Gunmati ignores the এবং And says that they have fixed a bride for krishna, marrying whom krishna can be happy. Indus and Shakshi do not understand who she is talking about. After some time, she reveals that she wants to marry Krishna to his daughter Babli. Hearing this, the entire Shukla family looked at her in surprise. Krishna gets angry like a burning fire, along with this bindiya also does not understand what is going on. He forcibly removes Babli from Krishna but Babli swears that she won’t Krishna by no means. Babli has fallen for Krishna. Gunmoti also thinks that Krishna has given the final opinion to Babli that he will marry Babli.

When Birju doesn’t want to take any food without Bindiya. Bindiya prepares the food for Birju in the kitchen which makes Indu and Shakshi very surprised. They discuss about the weird nature of Bindiya who has been preparing for Birju.

On the other hand, the mother of Birju pressurizes Payal to get her money, although Payal promises that she will clear all her due payment but Gunmoti is not ready to wait for a long time. She also threats that she will disclose everything to the Shukla house if she will not get her money.

Episode ends.

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