Suhaagan 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Krishna is hurt and disturbed.

Suhaagan 3rd February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Nidhi telling her mother that their kitty friends are here. Baldev, Indu and others wonder why they are here. The kitty people inform Indu that they are here. She asks them to have snacks and not make thousand questions to her. Bindiya wonders in whar state Krishna must be. Krishna is seen practicing boxing alone. Nikku tries to calm him down.

Amma stops Bindiya from calling Krishna since it’s better if he stays away from even Payal’s shadow. Baldev asks Bindiya why are hwr family members here. Dadi says that the news has spread like wold fore everywhere. Suddenly an announcement is made about Payal coming for Jal Samadhi. Payal is seen coming with her troop dancing. A huge crowd praises her.

Bindiya says that she never thought Payal would stoop down to this level. Sakshi says that Payal has a good luck that even after all of this she is being praised by the society. Payal gets down near the waterbody. Nikku dresses Krishna’s wound. The servants at Krishna’s house sir together and see Payal’s drama on tv and laugh at her. Hearing all this, Krishna goes to the drawing room to check what’s going on

Payal says that if there’s has been any mistake by her knowingly or unknowingly then she is sorry. She says that she never wanted to hurt them. Since she speaks in shudh sanskrit, Phulmati asks her to spit things out clearly. Krishna watches the tv and shouts at his servants and asks them to leave and do their own work. Payal says that she is going to a place where her love would be hers forever and it congratulates Bindiya on achieving her earthly love. She says her last pranam. Bindiya comes down from the stage and asks Payal to stop her nonsense and drama. She asks if she even knows how to swim that she is going inside the water. Phoolmati says that she can stoop down to any level and even go inside the water.

Bindiya tells Payal that if she thinks that Krishna would come and save her at the end moment then she is wrong since he isn’t here and he won’t come to save her. Amma comes down and asks her to go and die. Payal takes a big photo of Krishna and raises it above and proceeds towards the waterbody for her jal samadhi. Krishna sees all this on tv and becomes stressed and shocked.Slowly she steps into the water smiling. Bindiya asks Amma to let her go and save Payal. Episode ends.

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