Suhaagan 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Gunmoti changes her plan again

Suhaagan 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the fearful battling between Bindiya and Babli. They both prepared for their game and gets ready to fight each other. Recalling the words of Payal, Gunmoti asks her daughter Babli to hit hard Bindiya while they will be playing. She can’t understand what her mother is saying but Gunmati expresses that if Bindiya will loss one of her legs, Krishna will not leave with her again.

Being charged by the words of her mothers, Babli starts the game. On the other hand Krishna also motivates Bindiya to give her 100%. Finally the game starts and the two competitor come in the centre. Gradually they take their position and start the game. From the very fast Bubbly tries to restrain the power of Bindiya and beats her like a beast.

Bindiya fails to fight her back. Babli gathers all har strength and gives a strong push. Bindiya comes to Krishna to be energized, seeing their chemistry Bubbly becomes more jealous and drugs Bindiya in the centre again. Bindiya is battered to death, she couldn’t gets chance to protect herself and very soon she loses her sense. Krishna becomes tensed witnessing the poor situation of Bindiya. Baldev and Indu also become fricked out to think how their daughter in law will fight back again. Specially Indu fails to find out any hope for her victory.

As soon as Bindiya gets back her sense Krishn forbids her to participate in the game again. But Bindiya doesn’t want to miss the chance to defeat Birju and his family. She says that it’s not a mere battle between two competitors, rather it’s one of the most biggest battle to prove her love and confidence about her love. Again the battle starts and Babli hits Bindiya like beast. She is severely attack by fierceful Babli and raises in the sky and hits the ground. Babli feels all the way to kill her. Gunmoti orders her daughter to break the legs of Bindiya in front of everyone.

Following the orders of Payal and Gunmati, Babli gathers all her energy and proceeds to heat her again but at the last, Bindiya slashes Babli so hard that she can’t stand by her own legs again. Finally Bindiya gets win. The whole Shukla family congratulates her and becomes overwhelmed by the victory of their daughter in law. When the Shukla house is ready to say goodbye to Biju and his crooked family, Gunmoti says they won’t leave the house. She lightens up the importance of the battle and says they won’t leave this house until Bindiya will come with them.

Seeing the possessiveness for Bindya, she becomes very offended, but the evil won’t leave the Shukla house even after being defeated.

Episode ends.

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