Suhaagan 4th April 2024 Written Update: Bindiya files a petition against Krishna

Suhaagan 4th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Payal who continuously calls with the name of Krishna but he doesn’t response. Krishna goes to Bindiya to see her action and becomes lost to see her. Bindiya wishes a honest confession from Krishna so that she would be confirmed. Krishna also wants to open his heart to Bindiya. When he proceeds to tell her, he is stopped by Payal and interrogates to know his intention. She becomes furious

She empathetically says that if she won’t get her devoted love from Krishna, she will also destroy everything and will end his life. Payal wants to know mind of Krishna, what he wants. She also asks him whether he wants to see Bindiya happy or not. Krishna nods his head. Pointing out Bindiya and Krishna Payal confirmed that Samay and Bindiya both are happy together, they should not deserve any interruption in their happiness. Payal gives a hope to him that Bindiya would prosper in her life if she will marry Samay.

In the midst of the conversation, a few lawyer come in the Shukla house. Seeing the magistrate madam the whole family get shocked. The main lady informs that their divorce file has been confirmed. If they sign on the papers, their divorce will be ve finalized. She also assures that Bindiya gave the petition to prepone the date of the divorce which totally surprised Krishna. This drama is running according to the plan of Samay to unite Krishna and Bindiya. Bindiya also had the consent to divorce Krishna. She also hoped that Krishna will confess his feelings for Bindiya when he will be asked to sign on the papers.

Finally, the divorce of Krishna and Bindiya is about to happen. Payal insists Krishna to sign on the discount papers since her dream is going to be fulfilled. Samay and Amma both wish the true confession of Krishna. Meanwhile Krishna stares at Bindiya to see her heart properly. Bindiya fears if krishnat will sign in the papers, all her plan will be in vain. Indu also motivates her younger son to give himself a release signing on the papers.

Being compelled to sign, Krishna proceeds to the table to sign on the papers. But his hand trembles when to imagine the official seperation with Bindiya. Atleast Bindiya gets a confirmation that Krishna has changed. Once who was mad to get a divorce, now he is hesitating to give his consent. The lawyers ask both Krishna and Bindiya to sign the divorce papers. Krishna says ladies first, so Bindiya decides to sign the divorce paper’s.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya will come to Shanti being hitched with Samay. They both will appear in Shukla house as a newly married couple. But Payal will not believe that they have truly married each other. She will insist Samay to put vermilion on the forehead. Krishna couldn’t able to bear this scene anymore and he himself will put the vermilion on her forehead which will shock everyone.

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