Suhaagan 4th June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya gets the proof against Birju

Suhaagan 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with with Bindiya who comes to know that Fulmati has been getting become Money so that she will give the statement against Bindiya and Krishna. They both become doubtful that someone is giving bribe to Fulmoti and other villagers.

On the other hand, banki becomes very upset bring defeated by Bindiya. She couldn’t sblebto digest her defeat. But her mother motivates her to continue their game which will bring them another good fortune. Babli comes into the room Payal and asks Payal to give her a nice makeover so that she could impress Krishna with try beauty.

Though Payal doesn’t want to help her but being threatened by Babli, she gets agreed to give a nice makeover to Babli. Getting ready to flaunt her beauty in front Krishna, she comes infront other members of the Shukla house, everyone becomes free surprised to see her new look. Wearing the high heels, she could hardly walk, when she is about to fall in the floor, Krishna holds him from falling, Babli becomes impressed and mesmerized getting the touch of Krishna.

Bindiya and Krishna come into the office of the leader of Chiraiya village. They come to know that Birju has been lying and also forced them to lie in front of Bindiya and her family about her marriage. The request the leader to support their truth otherwise she will prove the truth.

Bindiya wants to expose video and his conspiration. She also decides to publish all the hypocrisy of Birju and his family in the newspaper so that they wouldn’t get any courage to defame the Shukla house. They request Sarpanch ji to come in their house to prove Birju wrong but on that fixed time, Sarpanji will not come done.

Birju makes fun of their poor situation and taunts Krishna for his failure. Babli also instigates Krishna so he will loose his temper and will start fighting with him, but Bindiya doesn’t let him fight against Birju. Birju also warns that he will take Bindiya with him. Krishna’s fury errupts listening the threatening words of Birju, Krishna is asked to calm his mind otherwise he will make a mistake surely. But Krishna couldn’t understand how they will expose the hypocrisy of Birju. Suddenly he gets a call from Sarpanji who has been kidnapped by Birju. Krishna runs to help him. Bindiya also wants to go with him but Krishna asks her to wait in the house.

When Bindiya discuss her plan with her family members, Payal comes there to puzzle them. She tells that she wants to leave this house. Bindiya becomes very emotional but doesn’t stop Payal from leaving the house. But Payal again pretends to fall in the ground and starts her drama.

Episode ends.

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