Suhaagan 5th June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya threats the Sarpanji with her team

Suhaagan 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with an dramatic pretension of Payal. All of a sudden, Payal declares that she is about to leave the Shukla house. When she comes near the main door, she pretends of falling in the ground and screams in pain. She claims that her legs have hurt again, and she pretends not to be able to stand up. Bindiya immediately takes her to the hospital. Payal smirks thinking of her own smartness.

When Bindiya is asked to wait for sometimes by the reception, she immediately calls Krishna to know about his present condition. Krishna promises that he will safely rescue Sarpanji, but at the same time, Krishna notices that Birju is there. Both Bindiya and Krishna that there is something fishy in Birju. Bindiyan requests her husband to return immediately, but after cutting the phone, Krishna engages himself in fighting with Birju. Birju manipulates Krishna to start the fight against him, Birju beats him very badly but Krishna also doesn’t let go so easily.

The squabble between them gets triggered off by the present situation, and Krishna defeats Birju totally. When he asks Birju repeatedly about Sarpanji, Gunmoti hits Krishna’s head with a iron rod, and Krishna immediately loses his power. Bindiya senses the danger of Krishna and becomes very tensed. Her Mangalsutra gets torn apart. She becomes resteless to thinks about Krishna and runs to search for him.

Meanwhile, Birju and his family try to hide Krishna by hook or crook. Again Krishna holds the throat of Birju tightly, but Gunmoti hits Krishna with the iron rod. Finally, Krishna loses his sense, his head also bleeds a lot. Before arrival of Bindiya, Gunmoti hides the body of Krishna with the help of Birju and Babli. When Bindiya comes in the spot, she discovers that the blood soaked road and the iron rod. She realises Krishna is in danger and runs to save his life. When Payal returns home she informs Indu that Bindiya has gone to save the life of Krishna after getting a call from an anonymous person. The all become tensed and try to connect with Bindiya but she doesn’t receive the call.

Bindiya comes into the house of sarpanch of the village with hard hole team. She threats him and says that if he will not tell about Krishna, she will kill him out. Being afraid of the threating words of Bindiya, Sarpanch ji leaks all the conspiration of Birju but he doesn’t know about the present location of Krishna.

Episode ends.

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