Suhaagan 6th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna is abducted by Birju

Suhaagan 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the powerful action of Bindiya who slaps Birju tightly to express her anger. When Bindiya becomes confirmed that it is Birju who abducted Krishna, she becomes totally furious and confronts him where did he keep Krishna. Birju firmly says that he won’t release Krishna until Bindiya will get agree to marry him. She is s given 24 hours to think about her own decision but Bindiya clearly says that she will save her beloved by hook or crook. She reminds him that no one could destroy a life of Suhaag, without taking the life of that suhagan.

Accepting the challenge of Briju, Bindiya says that she will find out Krishna. When she returns in Shukla house, everyone questions her about Krishna. Birju fails to hear this news and falls in the ground. Bindiya promises them that she will definitely expose all the hypocrisy and the conspiracies of Birju.

After few hours, Birju comes in Shukla house to take Bindiya with him. Indu also doesn’t want to stop Bindiya this time because of the emergency situation of Krishna. She doesn’t want to take any risk and requests Bindiya to accept the proposal of Birju so that he will late Krishna leave his own life.

Bindiya begs Indu to stop this but Indu blames her that Krishna has been going through this drama because of Bindiya. She beliefs that Krishna will never be happy if he will live with his present wife. She also swears on herself that she won’t let this happen. Both Amma and Nidhi request Indu to withdraw her condition but Bindu in is not ready to listen anything. Birju forces Bindiya to take with him but she doesn’t want to follow any instruction of him.

On the other hand, Krishna requests Babli to let him go. But surprisingly Bubbly starts dancing to seduce Krishna. Krishna becomes extremely irritated but he is bound to see this.

Bindiya begs them to return her suhagan but both Birju and his mother torture her. Listening nothing, she comes to the temple of Amma ji and requests Her to return her suhagan.
Epidural ends.

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