Suhaagan 7th June 2024 Written Update: Bindiya tries to trick Birju and Babli

Suhaagan 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Payl asking Birju to tell them where Krishna is. Birju says he is tired of all their drama. He makes Payal his refuge and threatens him with a knife. Bindiya saves Payal from Birju and says he can’t do anything with Payal.

She tries to feed Krishna some food but he refuses and says it’s better to have poison from her hand than food. Birju comes back home with food for Bindiya and calls her. His mother comes out and asks him to find Bindiya. He feels devastated and says where she must be. His mother says he must find Bindiya asap or else Payal would be hard on them. Birju says they aren’t Payal’s servants and makes it clear that he is only working for that greedy Payal since she wants to separate Bindiya and Krishna and he wants to stay with Bindiya.

He runs out to find Bindiya and finds her sitting drunk on the sidewalk and calling Krishna. He requests her to come back home but she refuses and says she won’t leave unless he makes her talk to Krishna. He calls his sister Babli over a video call and asks her to make Krishna talk to Bindiya. On asking her why she is drinking, she says that all of them are fraudulent and that every person she trusted broke her heart. She keeps on saying things about his mother and gives him a sign that she is faking it all to misguide Bubble and Birju. Krishna also continues it.

At one point, she praises Birju and says that he is far better than him since he at least cares for her . Krishna does the same thing and says even Buble is better than her since she at least doesn’t fight with him for everything like she does. Bindiya’s plan seems to be working and Birju seems to be falling into her pitfall.

Next morning Indu threatens Babli to bring back Krishna within the next two hours or else she will be the worst person. Bindiya warns Babli about Indu and says if she really wants to be Krishna’s wife, she has to appease her would be mother in law and only then would he love her back. Babli comes to meet Krishna where she is followed by Bindiya.

Before Bindiya opens Krishna’s bounds,some people enter the place in robes and masks and spray some thick smoke that makes it difficult for them to breathe and takes away Krishna with them. When Bindiya regains her senses, she fails to find Krishna there. Payal and her team start their car to take away Krishna while Bindiya follows their car running behind and requesting to leave his Krishna. Episode ends.

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