Suhaagan 8th June 2024 Written Update: Birju kidnaps Krishna again

Suhaagan 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the fake confrontation of Payal who accuses Birju as a kidnapper of Krishna. Payal asks Birju where did he keep Krishna without informing anyone. Birju promises he wil leave but she have to listen one condition of him. Babli insists Krishna to have some food but Krishna doesn’t want to take any food from her hand. By she takes fun of him.

Gunmoti informs Birju that Bindiya has escaped from the house. She fears of Payal, if Payal comes to know that Bindiya has left the house, she will punish them. Birju becomes mad on his mother, and says he doens’t care about Payal, he only needs Bindiya in his life. He immediately runs here and there searching Bindiya. Suddenly she notices that Bindiya has been blabbering being intoxicated. She murmurs that she couldn’t live without her husband Krishna. She begs Birju for talking with Krishna for once. Birju is compelled to arrange a call between Krishna and Bindiya.

Being intoxicated, Bindiya starts talking with Krishna. He comes to know that Bindiya is ousted from the house by Indu. She also blame Krishna for her present situation, Krishna becomes listening this accusation of Bindiya and starts prefers Babli. But they both make befool Birju and Babli. After cutting the phone, Bindiya appreciates the nature of Birju to make puzzled. After a while, she pretends to be senseless. Payal calls Gunmoti to be confirmed about Bindiya.

In the next morning, Indu comes in front of the room of Birju and threats Babli saying if they will not free Krishna, she will inform police officer within two hours. Bindiya promises herself that she will bring Krishna in home within two hours. Bindiya manipulates her to free Krishna. She suggests her how she would become the ideal draught in law after releasing Krishna. Following the suggestion of Bindiya, Babli steps in her trap.

When she brings Bindiya in front of Krishna, she immediately changes her colour. Bindiya tries to save her husband but then some evil men spread gas on the face of Bindiya, again Birju and Babli kidnap Krishna and take him with them. Bindiya tries to chase them but they take Krishna away with a car and get vanished.
Episode ends.

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