Suhaagan 9th February 2024 Written Update: Payal loses all her money in betting

Suhaagan 9th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishna who has just earned money for the first time. Seeing the amount, Krishna recalls that once upon a time, he used to seek lots of money from his mother and his parents never rejected him from giving money. Recalling the old days, Krishna becomes truly emotional.

Here, Payal starts playing the betting but she has lost all the money in the sports betting. She becomes screwless to think how she would earn the money and decides that she would warn money by hook or crook. Payal sprinkles some water in her face so that the family members would assume her hard work.

Getting the money, Krishna wants to share it with Bindiya as she also gave her labour to help Krishna. He wants to devide his money with Bindiya. She couldn’t help but to become emotional seeing the injured hands of Krishna. Kamla Devi tells Krishna that this lady wouldn’t tell anything untill her husband would give her the respect.

After a while, Krishna returns in the house with a few groceries. He calls Payal with her name. Indu and other are asked whether they do anything about Payal. Indu and Shakshi both say they don’t anything about these two sisters. They both has disappeared from the morning. Meanwhile, Bindiya also arrives in the home bringing some groceries. Seeing the groceries, Krishna realises the inflation of the market. Seeing him concerned,

Shakshi reminds Payal that in the morning she gave Payal thousand rupees and also unboxes Payal stole some food from the kitchen. But Payal immediately moulds the words and accuses to Krishna that Shakshi compelled her to do her pedicure and manicure. She pretends as a innocent and lies that she has distributed all the money to the beggers. Krishna gets wondered learning the meanness of Shakshi. The latter becomes embarrassed when others raise question on her motif. Indu also rebukes Shakshi as she asked Payal to do her pedicure and manicure.

Being excited, Krishna tells Payal that he has earned some money and handovers the money to her. But seeing the amount, Payal becomes horrified but she doesn’t show her irritation. But she fakes out to be happy and suggests Krishna to handover that his first earned money to Indu. She knows very well that Indu will be emotional to see poor condition of Krishna’s hands and withdraws the challange of Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya will not able to find Krishna anywhere. She will end up in a wrestling house.

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