Suhaagan 9th June 2024 Written Update: Babli finally marries Krishna forcefully

Suhaagan 9th June 2024 Written Update on

When his patience goes away, he breaks the door of the bathroom and comes to know that Bindiya has already escaped from the house. Immediately informs Payal that Bindiya has eloped, when he becomes mad on her, suddenly from know where Bindiya appears in front of her dressing like a new bride. She brings a glass of milk for him and acts as his devoted lover. Birju gets melted with the false words of Bindiya. Birju wants to show the live marriage ceremony of Babli and Krishna in the television. Bindiya couldn’t bear the painful scene when Babli proceeds to put the floral garland around the neck of Krishna.

Babli requests her mother to make Krishna ready. When she unties Krishna he is about to fall due to his weakness. But somehow he manages. He also promises that he will accept Bubbly as his wife and goes into the bathroom to get ready. The priest also comes there to complete the rituals. After few minutes Krishna comes out from the bathroom covering his face with floral crown. Both Gunmoti and Babli couldn’t see the face of Krishna. Payal gets overwhelmed seeing the marriage ceremony of Krishna but Bindiya breaks down in million pieces witnessing the wedding celebration of her own husband.

Gradually Krishna weds Babli with his full consent. Following all the instruction of the priest, Krishna puts the mangalsutra around the neck of her. After completing all the rituals, the priest announces that they are religiously married from now. Birju and Payal both dance in joy. Babli couldn’t believe that she has finally married Krishna. On the other hand, Birju drags Bindiya towards his bed and seduces her to sleep with him. Switching off the light, he tries to be more romantic. But when he comes closer to Bindiya, she tries to escape from his clutches silently. Birju becomes restless not getting Bindiya between his arms.

On the same day, Payal clears all the due money of Gunmoti who is overjoyed getting Krishna as her son-in-law. Payal ask her to leave the town as soon as possible. When Babli unveils the face of groom she becomes to totally shocked.

Episode ends.

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