Suhaagan 9th March 2024 Written Update: Bindiya is in a quandary

Suhaagan 9th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the high conversation between Bindiya and Samay’s mother. The latter shouts with the name of Baldev and asks him to come outside. Bindiya instructs a guard to call Baldev personally, but Baldev doesn’t come out. Taking a mobile phone, Bindiya informs the news and asks him to reach Shukla house immediately. Shanti gets furious since Baldev is not coming out and proceeds to the main gate. As soon as Baldev and Indu come outside of the house, they all are thunderstrucked by their arrival.

Seeing each other’s enemy, Shanti and Indu both taunt each other. Indu gets irritated on Bindiya since she has brought Shanti in the Shukla house again. Her awful behaviour reminds Shanti the old incident which took place in the Shukla house. Once upon a time, Shanti left the Shukla villa due to the misbehaviour of Krishna. They used to fight with each other and Indu always looks down upon her. Oneday the animosity was triggered off and Shanti departed from the house. Before leaving of Shanti, she promised that she won’t return in this house before her death.

Amma warmly welcomes Shanti and embraces her with love.
She requests Shanti to come inside the house, but Shanti clearly says she won’t come inside again. Indu assumes that Shanti has been plotting to claim the property of the family. They both start their age old dispute. Amma interferes and rebukes both her daughter in laws. She begs Shanti to leave the matter and dissolve the dispute. Meanwhile, Bindiya is dragged outside by Payal and the latter taunts Bindiya since she has defeated the game. Pulling her leg, she showcases her glorious presence. Bindiya condemns her meanness.

In the evening, Payal calls Krishna to inform about the presence situation of Shukla house. Krishna gets relieved that Bindiya has atleast reached somewhere known. Payal moulds the situation and criticizes Bindiya for making a chaos in the Shukla house. She also adds that Shanti has been cornering Indu since she has appeared there.

Though Amma requests repeatedly Shanti to come inside but Indu doesn’t show any supportive attitude. She even neglects the order of Amma since she asked her to bring Arti Thali. Indu doesn’t Shanti in the house again. Shanti says she has arrived only to meet Baldev. The interference of Bindiya raises the question in the mind of Shanti about Bindiya’s identity. Meanwhile, Samay comes in the spot.

Episode ends.

Precap : Baldev will request her daughter in law Bindiya to return the house. But Bindiya wouldn’t like to keep her footstep in the same house again from where she was ousted. Krishna and Payal will be thunderstrucked to see Bindiya. But Baldev will beg her to come inside. Bindiya will keep her step in the Shukla house.

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