Suhaagan: Bindiya to chase Krishna?

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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a shocking fact of Shukla house. Krishna will fall ill out of his repentance.
Krishna will get the voice message in where Payal dramatically blamed him. Hearing the voice message, he will become agitated and will head out with his car to find out Payal. Bindiya will try to stop her but being failed she will follow the car of Krishna.

In the latest episode, Krishna gets the message from Payal which she recorded before her accident. Payal dramatically blames Krishna for leaving her in the midst of the road. She also proclaims that she will die to prove herself right. Krishna is taken aback hearing the voicenote and comes in the garage avoiding other’s eyes. Coming in the garage, he starts driving
Krishna reaches a hospital in where Payal is admitted. Bindiya drives fast to catch Krishna and calls with his name but he couldn’t listen the voice of Bindiya.

In the next episode, Krishna will reach the hospital in where Payal is admitted. Krishna will think that Payal is pretending of being injured. He will start shouting at her and will try to dismantle all the bandages. Meanwhile, the doctor will come and will assure that Payal is really injured and she has a chance of death.

Would Krishna able to save the life of Payal?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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