Suhaagan: Birju’s forceful approch to Bindiya?

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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to focus a new hazards in the life of Bindiya and Krishna. Birju will claim that Bindiya and he married each other in their childhood days. Now he will want to prove their married life but Bindiya will decline all his statements. Fulmoti will support the accusation of Birju.

In the latest episode, Bindiya becomes very weakling bearing the tantrums for the last few days. Krishna tries to support her. Gunmoti reveals that she wants to marry Krishna to his daughter Babli. Hearing this, the entire Shukla family looked at her in surprise. Krishna gets angry like a burning fire, along with this bindiya also does not understand what is going on.

He forcibly removes Babli from Krishna but Babli swears that she won’t Krishna by no means. Babli has fallen for Krishna. Babli has fallen for Krishna. Gunmoti also thinks that Krishna has given the final opinion to Babli that he will marry Babli.

In the next episode, Bindiya will be jealous for sudden entry of Babli in Krishna’s life. She will try to seduce Krishna but Bindiya will not let it happen. Krishna will feel irritated on Babli.

Would Krishna fall for Babli? What will happen with Bindiya?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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