Suhaagan Chudail: Nishiganda Kills Deeya’s Help, Moksh falls deeper into Nishiganda’s Charm

Suhaagan Chudail: Moksh accuses Deeya of trying to Seduce, Nishiganda makes her Maharaj Shringaar

Colors TV’s Popular hit show Suhaagan Chudail is going to witness high voltage drama with it’s interesting twists and turns.

Nishiganda wants to Kill Moksh and make him her Sixteenth shringaar. However Deeya has a hutch about Moksh being in trance and being in Nishiganda’s control.

Deeya is Heart Broken with how Moksh choose Nishiganda over her and breaks down into tears. She gets support from her Comrades but it doesn’t make her feel calm.

Moksh too thinks about Deeya and gets the feeling that he has hurt her. He feels bad for whatever he has done with her and decides to meet her and Apologize to her.

Moksh Apologises to Deeya

Moksh goes to Deeya and apologize to her for whatever he has done with her. He tells her that he was under the misunderstanding that he was in Love with her.

Deeya breaks down into tears and tries to make him understand. Nishiganda fails to cast a spell on her hence she casts a spell on her shadow.

Deeya’s dress loosens up because of the spell cast on her shadow but Moksh Misunderstands her as he thinks that she is trying to Seduce him.

Nishiganda sees Maharaj’s Soul there and makes him her Shringaar. She feels proud of herself. She then Kills Deeya’s Help who gives her the magic scent and makes Mokash fall deeper into her Charm.

What will Happen Next?

Will Deeya get Successful in bring Moksh out of his Trance?

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