Suhaagan: Payal loses her mind seeing Krishna and Bindiya!

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Suhaagan is ready for more thrill as Bindiya gets drunk and Krishna has a hard time dealing with her tantrums.


In the latest episode, Sakshi comes to Payal’s room and wakes her up. Then she tries to instigate Payal against Bindiya and insults her to seek revenge. She brainwashes her and says what must have happened between Bindiya and Krishna last night. She says that nothing must have happened between them and runs towards Krishna’s room. She enters Krishna’s room and sees lipstick marks on Krishna’s face and shirt and vermilion spread all over Bindiya’s face.

Indu sees Bindiya and Krishna in this state and asks Krishna to come down. She asks Payal to stop shouting and go downstairs. As they come down, Sakshi starts her drama. She insults Payal and Bindiya and also says that it seems like a suhag raat competition is going on among the two sisters.Krishna says that he was totally in his senses and he is very clear that nothing happened between them. Bindiya says that this is what she had been trying to make him understand since Payal and his suhag raat when he wasn’t in his senses. Payal plays a victim card and tries to take Nidhi and Indu on her side but they don’t say anything.

In the next episode Payal would be telling Krishna that she might be pregnant.

What would be Krishna’s reaction after listening to this?

How would Bindiya bring Payal’s lies in front of the family?

To know what happens next keep watching Suhaagan.