Suhaagan: Payal to return in Shukla house again?

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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a shocking fact of Shukla house. Krishna will reach the hospital in where Payal is admitted. Krishna will think that Payal is pretending of being injured. He will start shouting at her and will try to dismantle all the bandages. Meanwhile, the doctor will come and will assure that Payal is really injured and she has a chance of death.


In the latest episode, Krishna firmly says that he has come in the hospital not to attend Payal, but to prove his loyalty towards his love. Payal starts her verbal drama to win the heart of Krishna. She tries to convince Krishna whatever she did was to prove her love..Krishna doesn’t get convinced with the words of Payal. Later she requests Krishna to take her with them.

In the car, Payal tries to manipulate Krishna. But suddenly, Bindiya drives the car towards the Chiraiya village. Seeing the odd route, Payal gets wondered why Bindiya has taken the route of Chiraiya. Krishna and Bindiya both explain that she will be kept in this village. Before leaving, Payal requests Krishna to fulfill her last wish.

In the next episode, Payal will request Krishna to fulfill her mang with the vermilion. But Krishna will not get agreed. Seeing her obstinacy, Payal will get offended. Krishna will wash off the vermilion from her forehead.

Would Krishna able to save the life of Payal?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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