Suhaagan Spoiler: Bindiya dances sensuously !

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Suhaagan is ready for more comedy and drama as Bindiya gets drunk!


In the latest episode, Bindiya continues to behave like a child while Krishna struggles to calm her down. He lifts Bindiya and takes her to his room. There he asks her to go off to sleep and makes her lie down. After sometime she turns on the music and starts dancing. Krishna runs behind her to stop her and reaches the terrace.

He brings her back to his room and puts a handcuff in her hand so that she can’t move. Bindiya locks the other end of the handcuff on Krishna’s wrist. After sometime Payal comes upstairs and shouts seeing Krishna and Bindiya together. She becomes furious to see the handcuffs tied in their wrists.

After that Payal ane Bindiya creates a scene. So Indu and Sakshi come up to see what’s wrong. Indu had asked Payal to not go to Krishna’s room and create another scene. She barbs Payal for doing the same thing she asked her not to do. She asks who brought such coloured handcuffs in the house and what for. Sakshi says that it is used by couples for romance and must be brought by Payal. She requests Payal to go away from their room and asks Krishna to take care of Bindiya.

In the next episode, Payal would be asking Krishna how he could sleep with Bindiya and would be creating another drama. Krishna would be seen trying to explain that nothing happened between him and Bindiya and would be asking others to ask Bindiya about it if they don’t believe him. What would be Bindiya’s answer? Would she play the same game as Payal? To know what happens next, keep watching Suhaagan and stay tuned to this page.