Suhagan Chudail 10th June 2024 Written Update: Deeya loses Moksh

Suhagan Chudail 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda coming to the place where are Moksh and Deeya. Nishiganda uses her powers to see where is Moksh but her spell doesn’t work. Deeya and Moksh put blanket to the windows. Moksh and Deeya hug each other. Nishiganda is not able to see Moksh and Deeya as Deeya’s locket protects both of them. Moksh and Deeya have a romantic moment when he blows off the sand around Deeya’s body. Deeya hugs Moksh.

Rachana says to her family that Deeya might have planned all of this so that Moksh will slip and spend the night with her. Juhi says Deeya is not that kind of person and comments on it.

Nishiganda says to herself that he can’t get together with Deeya as if he did that then Moksh will be of no use to her as she needs a virgin for her sixteenth Sringar.

Deeya stops Moksh and says to Moksh that they should not do anything that will make them not to meet eye to eye with their family. Moksh agrees.

Vishlesh (Nishiganda’s accomplice) disguises as a servant of Shikawat family and says to the cops that he saw Vaidya ji trying to get a flower from the terrace and he slipped and fell off the terrace. The cops believe Vishlesh words and says to Raghunath that they also think Vaidya ji might have slipped and fell off the terrace.

Nishiganda asks two people if they saw Moksh and Deeya. The two people say no. Nishiganda hearing this slits both of their necks.

The next day, Deeya and Moksh get a jeep from the elder. Deeya and Moksh leave to Shikawat mansion.

Deeya sees two people struggling for life in the desert and she goes towards them. One of the people sees Moksh and recalls Nishiganda asking him about Moksh and Deeya. The person asks Moksh to be careful as a woman is after him. Deeya hearing this gets shocked. Deeya and Moksh think who is the woman that this man was talking about.

Deeya feels thirsty. Moksh goes to get water. Nishiganda will be able to see Moksh once Moksh seperates from Deeya. Nishiganda makes Moksh see water. Moksh goes to get water. Deeya feels Moksh is in danger and goes to save him but she slips and locket falls out of her neck.

Deeya fails to save Moksh and she also falls into the water. Nishiganda confirms that Moksh is a virgin and takes him away. Hari Singh prays to God.

Deeya comes out of the sand and thinks what is going on as she fell into the water and there is no water. Deeya finds her locket and wears it back.

Shikawat family finds Moksh unconscious on the terrace. Nishiganda hugs Moksh after she regains consciousness.

Deeya learns from Juhi that Moksh is unconscious on the terrace.

Deeya reveals to Shikawat family that Moksh was with her the whole night. Nishiganda says Deeya might be dreaming and comments on her. Deeya asks Nishiganda to pack her bags. Nishiganda comments in Deeya. Moksh asks Nishiganda to stop it and comments on her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Nishiganda taunts Deeya showing the engagement ring.

Nishiganda tries to kill Deeya.

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