Suhagan Chudail 11th June 2024 Written Update: Nishiganda fails to kill Deeya

Suhagan Chudail 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda asking Moksh where was he. Deeya comes forward and says Moksh was with her last night. Moksh asks Deeya to stop being shameless and comments on her. Deeya asks Moksh if he wasn’t with her, where was he. Moksh says he doesn’t know but ge was definitely not with her and says he loves Nishiganda. Deeya thinks her fear came true as once Moksh is with her, he doesn’t recall anything about Nishiganda and when Moksh is with Nishiganda he doesn’t recall anything about her. Deeya thinks Nishiganda has hypnotised Moksh once again. Deeya says to Shikawat family that she is telling the truth. Deeya says they can ask the Banjare people if she is telling the truth or not. Raghunath says there is no need for it and comments on Deeya. Raghunath asks Deeya to stand in the desert for 2 days without without food or water for trying to break Nishiganda and Moksh’s wedding. Rachana is about to take Deeya to punish her but Moksh stops Deeya and reminds everyone how intoxicated was Deeya last night. Moksh says Deeya might have dreamt all of this and thinks it’s real. Raghunath thinks Moksh might feel pity seeing Deeya’s punishment so he calls off Deeya’s punishment.

Moksh in his room looks at Deeya and his photo together. Rachana comes to Moksh room and throws it away. Rachana asks Moksh to stop thinking about Deeya and think about Nishiganda. Deeya looks at the photos of her and Moksh and leaves from there.

Moksh asks Rachana to help him as he doesn’t recall what happened last night and asks Rachana if he is sick. Josna says to Moksh nothing is wrong with him and says someone’s evil eye has fallen on him. Josna says to Moksh something is not right in this house as first Maharaj vanished and now Vaidya ji died. Bijju comes and says Vaidya ji is killed by the witch. Nishiganda sees Bijju is speaking about her so she stitches his mouth with a spell. Bijju is not able to speak.

Nishiganda comes and complaints to Moksh and says how worried she is that she will lose him. Moksh asks Nishiganda not to worry and says they will do their engagement right away to wipe off her fears.

Rachana calls for all the family members and Deeya saying he will do the engagement right away. Deeya witnesses Moksh and Nishiganda doing their ring ceremony. Deeya’s feels heart broken and runs to the desert.

Deeya cries to herself thinking about what happened. Juhi comes and comforts Deeya. Deeya decides to save Moksh at any cost. Deeya learns about Vaidya ji’s death and blames herself for it. Juhi comments on it.

Nishiganda thinks why don’t her powers work on Deeya. Vishlesh asks Nishiganda why is she wasting time thinking about Deeya as her engagement with Moksh has been done. Nishiganda says she needs to find out how Deeya is able to stand infront of her till now.

Deeya tries to get an appointment of a doctor for Moskh buts she fails. Nishiganda comes to Deeya and mocks her showing the engagement ring. Deeya comments on Nishiganda and leaves from there. Nishiganda tries to teach a lesson to Deeya and sends her scorpions after her but Deeya’s locket protects her. Nishiganda thinks she has to think of another way. Nishiganda makes a chandelier fall over Deeya. Deeya is pulled aside by the locket. Nishiganda thinks Deeya is saved by luck and her powers work on Deeya. Nishiganda leaves from there.

Moksh stop the car when he feels Deeya in danger. Manish asks Moksh why did he stop car. Manish asks Moksh if he is thinking about Deeya and comments on her. Moksh reminds Manish that Deeya is his childhood friend and he asks Manish not to comment on her. Moksh asks Manish to come on a taxi and leaves from there.

Deeya thinks how could the chandelier fall here as there is no chandelier up here. Deeya thinks this is down by Nishiganda.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Deeya feels as is Maharaj is calling her from Nishiganda’s wooden trunk and tries to open it. Nishiganda thinks what is Deeya doing near her wooden trunk.

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