Suhagan Chudail 12th June 2024 Written Update: Nishiganda gets trapped

Suhagan Chudail 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda opening her wooden trunk. Nishiganda goes into her wooden trunk. Moksh calls for Nishiganda.

A few hours before, Deeya sees Nishiganda is not in the room. Deeya’s drop of blood falls on the floor. Deeya comes into the room and tries to find something against Nishiganda. Deeya sees the wooden trunk and tries to open it but she gets scared seeing that it is moving. Nishiganda comes out after taking a shower and smells Deeya’s blood.

Nishiganda asks Deeya what is she trying to do. Deeya asks Nishiganda what is in the box and asks Nishiganda to show it to her. Nishiganda asks Deeya to leave from here if not she will create a ruckus that Deeya will be thrown out of the house. Deeya hearing it leaves from there.

Deeya runs into Moksh. Moksh comes and holds Deeya’s hand and sees that she is injured. Moksh asks Deeya why hasn’t she applied medicine till now. Deeya says the person who gave wounds to her is asking about her wounds. Moksh drags Deeya to the first aid box and bandages Deeya’s wound. Moksh asks Deeya if she is doing all of this to make him desperate. Deeya comments on it. Moksh says to Deeya that him tending to her wound is nothing more than humanity and asks Deeya not to think too much. Deeya comments on Moksh and leaves from there.

Deeya runs into Josna. Deeya thinks Nishiganda would not be able to say no to Josna so she takes Josna to Nishiganda’s room saying she heard some sounds coming from the wooden trunk.

Nishiganda makes her wooden trunk small and hides it in a painting and when both Deeya and Josna come to Nishiganda’s room they don’t find anything.

Nishiganda sees Raghunath coming towards her. Nishiganda asks Josna if she is also suspecting her as she came here to search her room along with Deeya. Raghunath comes and asks Nishiganda what is going on. Nishiganda says Josna is suspecting her and Deeya is thinking of ways to throw her out of this house. Nishiganda pleads Josna not to insult her like this. Raghunath asks Josna to apologise to Nishiganda. Deeya stops
Josna and says to Nishiganda that she is responsible for it and asks Nishiganda to forgive her with folded hands. Nishiganda asks Deeya not to do something like this again.

Dr Sugandha calls Deeya and says to Deeya that her assistant told her the patient is mind controlled and asks Deeya if she can bring Moksh to Delhi. Deeya says it is not possible and asks Sugandha to come here. Sugandha agrees.

Nishiganda brings the wooden trunk out of painting and looks at Maharaj and asks him if he is trying to contact Deeya. Nishiganda mocks Maharaj. Maharaj makes Nishiganda get trapped in her own wooden trunk. Nishiganda tries to use her powers to get out but her powers don’t work.

Deeya gets message that she has reached Vajraghad. Deeya decides to take Moskh to Sugandha.

Hari Singh asks Deeya where is she going. Deeya says there is something wrong with Nishiganda and comments on her. Deeya also says her locket is shining when she went into Nishiganda’s room. Hari Singh hearing it thinks Nishiganda might be a bad omen so he decided to take Deeya away from Vajraghad to protect her.

Hari Singh makes Deeya get into the vehicle and drives away. Deeya acts as if she is feeling suffocation. Hari Singh goes to get water for her. Deeya seeing this runs to Moksh.

Deeya sees Moksh in the swimming pool. Deeya hides from Moksh and thinks of how to take Moksh to Sugandha.

Sugandha calls Deeya and asks Deeya to come quickly saying she has to go to Delhi tonight. Deeya agrees.

Moksh comes into Nishiganda’s room. Moksh looks for Nishiganda. Deeya says she knows where is Nishiganda.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sugandha puts Moksh under hypnotism and asks Moksh who does he love. Moksh says he loves Deeya.

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