Suhagan Chudail 30th May 2024 Written Update: Deeya on a quest to find Moksh

Suhagan Chudail 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda taking a bite of the apple. Nishiganda apologises to Moksh as she took a bite of the apple without asking him and there is only one apple. Moksh doesn’t mind and says someone told him that by sharing something love increases. Moksh thinks of Deeya. Moksh forgets about Deeya due to Nishiganda’s magic. Nishiganda’s says to Moksh that they should take a shower. Moksh asks Nishiganda to take a shower first and says he will take shower later. Nishiganda agrees.

Nishiganda’s accomplice comes to Nishiganda and says to her that Maharaj has started a ritual to see her face. Nishiganda’s accomplice asks Nishiganda to be careful. Nishiganda takes it lightly and comments on it.

Deeya sees the tent in the desert. Deeya goes to check out the tent. Deeya looks around the tent. Moksh goes into the tent. Noshiganda comes out after taking a bath.

Moksh catches Nishiganda when she is about to fall. Deeya couldn’t see Moksh and Nishiganda’s face as a curtain is in between them. Deeya leaves from there. Moksh comes out of the tent and looks around. Nishiganda creates a rain.

Moskh gets wet in the rain. Nishiganda asks Moksh to come inside. Moksh says it is weird for the rain to fall at this time. Moksh says he is feeling like he is losing something that is really close to his heart. Nishiganda says she thought she is the one that is close to his heart. Moksh says she is really the one that is close to his heart. Moksh hugs Nishiganda and says to Nishiganda that he loves her. Nishiganda hearing it stops the rain. Deeya shouts for Moksh. Nishiganda creates a barrier so that no sound will reach his ears.

Deeya flies the paper rockets thinking atleast one will reach Moksh. Deeya flies the last paper rocket with the help of her locket and it also reaches Moksh bit Nishiganda takes Moksh inside the tent so he is not able to see it.

Maharaj tries to see Nishiganda’s face in the ritual. Maharaj thinks he has to wait till morning as once Sunlight comes up he will see Nishiganda’s face that she uses to trap others.

Nishiganda wakes up Moksh the next day and says she found a vehicle and they can leave. Moksh agrees.

Josna worries for Moksh and asks her husband if the cops didn’t find Moksh. Josna’s husband says he is trying to do what he can. Rachna and Manish also act as if they are worried for Moksh. Josna husband comments on Deeya as he learns that Deeya was out the whole night looking for Moksh.

Moksh starts the car and takes Nishiganda in his car to his home. Moksh passes by Deeya. Deeya chases Moksh car.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Maharaj sees Nishiganda’s face in the ritual and decides to show that face to everyone in the Gangajal.

Moksh brings Nishiganda to his parents and says to them that he loves Nishiganda. Deeya overhears it and gets shocked.

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