Suhagan Chudail 31st May 2024 Written Update: Moksh announces his decision to marry Nishiganda

Suhagan Chudail 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda seeing Deeya following them in her van. Nishiganda casts a spell and she makes sure Moksh will not be able to hear Deeya’s voice.

Nishiganda later creates 3 cars the same as Moksh cars to confuse Deeya and make them go in different directions. Deeya follows one of the car and she loses Moksh car.

Maharaj sees Nishiganda’s face in the ritual. Nishiganda thinks someone is trying to see her face and she decides to find out about it. Bicchu sees a shadow of darkness and gets scared his mother calms him down and asks a servant to lock Bicchu in a room so that he will not come out.

Moksh enters his home and greets his parents and other family members. Moksh asks Nishiganda to come into the house. Nishiganda thinks a witch can’t enter a house without an invitation.

Deeya learns from the cops that Moksh has returned home.

Moksh invites Nishiganda into the house. Maharaj thinks he will show the face of witch to everyone in the house and he will not allow Nishiganda to enter this house.

Moksh brings Nishiganda into his mansion and says to his parents that he want to marry Nishiganda. Josna gets shocked hearing it. Deeya overhears it and feels shocked. Deeya thinks Moksh is playing a prank on her. Deeya drags Moksh away from there. Raghunath comments on Deeya. Nishiganda asks Raghunath if she can go and bring Moksh. Nishiganda leaves from there. Raghunath thinks Nishiganda is a sweet girl. Josna comments on Nishiganda.

Maharaj decides to show Nishiganda’s face to everyone in the house in the Gangajal. Nishiganda comes to Maharaj and takes him away from there.
Nishiganda teleports with Maharaj and kills him there.

Deeya and Moksh fall in the pool. Deeya comments on Moksh as he is playing prank on her. Moksh says he really loves Nishiganda. Deeya asks Moksh how can he love Nishiganda as until yesterday he said that he loves her. Moksh says a moment is enough to fall in love. Moksh says he never felt with her what he felt for Nishiganda. Moksh says there is only friendship in between them and nothing more than that.

Moksh family sees Nishiganda and talks to her. Nishiganda says she met Moksh in the desert and she came from London. Nishiganda says she belongs to well known family but no one is alive right now.

Deeya says to Moksh that this heart beats for her and says it will stop if he is not there. Nishiganda says to Moksh that she understood she came in between Moksh and Deeya. Nishiganda says she will leave. Moksh stops Deeya and says Nishiganda will not leave. Moksh asks Deeya to stay in her limits.

Hari Singh asks Moksh not to break off the engagement as the whole city knows they are about to be engaged. Raghunath warns Hari Singh to stay in his limits as he agreed to engagement with Deeya only because Moksh likes it but now he is saying no so this engagement will not happen.

A servant shouts for Moksh family saying an inauspicious thing happened. Moksh family comes into Moksh room and they get shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Deeya thinks she has to find out if this is the work of a bad shadow. An old man gives a scent to Deeya and says if Moksh is under a bad shadow’s influence he will get out of it.

Moksh and Nishiganda are shown to be enjoying their engagement. Deeya knocks out Moksh and takes him away..

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