Suhagan Chudail 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Nishiganda turns Maharaj’s ash into her Sringar

Suhagan Chudail 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shikawat family coming into Moksh room and they find an apology written on the ground. Raghunath thinks Maharaj stopped his act of finally fooling them by saying Moksh is in danger all the time as Moksh returned safe and sound so Maharaj ran away by writing this apology. Josna couldn’t believe it. Raghunath asks the servants to clean up all of this.

Rachna talks with Nishiganda. The servant comes and says to Nishiganda that there are bugs in the sweets and all the flowers have dried up. The servant says all of this only happens when a witch enters the house. Rachna asks the servant to stop speaking about all of these things and sends her away.

Deeya cries to herself thinking about what happened. Juhi tries to encourage Deeya to fight for her love. Deeya says how can she fight when Moksh himself is saying that there is nothing but misunderstanding in between them. Bicchu comes to Deeya and asks Deeya if she is crying because the witch entered the house. Deeya says there is nothing like that.

Manish comes to Nishiganda and says to Nishiganda that her luggage has arrived and he brought it here and he came to see her as he wasn’t there when she came here. Nishiganda flirts with Manish and later sends Manish away.

Nishiganda’s accomplice comes to Nishiganda and asks Nishiganda to atleast leave Manish and says Rachna can be useful to them. Nishiganda comments on it.

Nishiganda looks at Maharaj’s soul and decides to make Maharaj’s soul into a Sringar.

Moksh sees the photo of Deeya in her room and thinks about Deeya. Moksh decides to move on in his life. Deeya reads the diary that is sent by Moksh and thinks about Moksh and cries to herself. Moksh comes to Deeya to apologise to her.

Nishiganda uses Maharaj’s body ash and turns it into her power. Nishiganda later looks to see what is Moksh doing. Nishiganda sees Moksh together with Deeya. Nishiganda decides to interrupt them and leaves from there.

Deeya asks Moksh what happened to her and why has he changed. Moksh asks Deeya to stop blaming Nishiganda and tries to leave from there but Deeya tries to stop Moksh.

Nishiganda witnesses it from afar and decides to use her magic on Deeya but she sees that her spell is not working on Deeya so she uses the spell on Deeya’s shadow. Deeya’s top becomes loose due to it.

Moksh sees Deeya and asks Deeya to set her dress right. Moksh thinks Deeya is trap him in this way and comments on Deeya. Moksh says Nishiganda would have misunderstood him if she saw them together like this and leaves from there. Bicchu sees the witch floating in the air and gets scared.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Deeya tries to get Moksh out of Nishiganda’s control and she knocks him out using the special perfume with which Moksh will be out Nishiganda’s control.

Nishiganda is shown to have killed the person who tried to help Deeya.

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