Suhagan Chudail 4th June 2024 Written Update: Deeya suspects Nishiganda

Suhagan Chudail 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda asking Moksh where did he go. Moksh says he went to apologise to Deeya as he embarrassed her infront of everyone with what happened. Nishiganda comments on it. Nishiganda hugs Moksh. Nishiganda makes Moksh think he needs to speak about his marriage with Nishiganda to his parents and end Deeya’s matters right away.

Bijju comes to Deeya and says to Deeya that witch has entered this house. Deeya says there is nothing like witch. Bijju recalls he saw Nishiganda killing someone when he was a kid. Bijju says there are witches. Deeya asks Bijju to show her where is the witch. Bijju takes Deeya away.

Moksh comes to Raghunath and says to Raghunath that he would like to marry Nishiganda as soon as possible. Josna comes to Moksh and says wedding is not child’s play. Josna asks Moksh to take their time and then take the decision. Moksh comments on it. Moksh says he will get engaged to Nishiganda tomorrow. Raghunath agrees.

Bijju sees Nishiganda and says to Deeya that is the witch. Deeya says Nishiganda is not a witch. Nishiganda gets furious and decides to kill Bijju. Nishiganda’s accomplice warns Nishiganda that if she kills Bijju today then she will not be able to marry Moksh. Nishiganda hearing it takes back her spell.

Raghunath asks his brother to take Bijju away from here. Raghunath asks Deeya if she is instigating Bijju against Nishiganda and comments on her.

Nishiganda say to Deeya it is wrong of her to make Bijju call her a witch and comments on it. Deeya says she would never do it. Raghunath finalises that tomorrow will be the engagement of Moksh and Nishiganda.

Deeya comes to Hari Singh and reveals to Hari Singh that tomorrow Moksh and Nishiganda are going to get engaged. Deeya says to Hari Singh that Moksh might love Nishiganda but her love for him will stay the same.

Juhi comes to Deeya and compliants to Deeya that Nishiganda is really a witch if not how could Moksh change in just a day. Deeya after talking to Juhi suspects there is something wrong with Nishiganda. Juhi says to Deeya it is better for her to talk to Vidya ji as he read a lot of Ayurvedic books. Deeya agrees.

Nishiganda is shown to be taking bath in the pool. Manish tries to video record her but Nishiganda’s spell stops him from doing it.

Deeya learns from a servant that Nishiganda is not in her room so she enters Nishiganda’s room and snoops around to find out more Nishiganda.

Nishiganda looks on her ring that Deeya is snooping in her room.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Vidya ji gives a medicine to Deeya. Vidya Ji says if Moksh smells this medicine he will come out of any kind of hypnotism.

Deeya knocks out Moksh and takes him away from his engagement ceremony. Nishiganda realises her spells are not working on Deeya so she decides to handle Deeya in another way.

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