Suhagan Chudail 5th June 2024 Written Update: Moksh refuses Josna’s request

Suhagan Chudail 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Josna coming to Moksh. Moksh hugs Josna. Josna asks Moksh if he going for swimming. Moksh says he is going to do swimming to clear his mind. Josna says to Moksh that what he is doing is wrong. Nishiganda notices somone is instigating Moksh against her. Nishiganda casts a spell on Moksh.

Moksh asks Josna if it is wrong to marry someone that he loves. Josna asks Moksh to not get engaged to Nishiganda at this time as Deeya made all of these arrangements for her and Moksh engagement and now he is getting engaged to Nishiganda on that same day. Josna says to Moksh it’s wrong. Moksh says it is good for Deeya to come out of her dream world. Moksh feels Nishiganda is calling him. Moksh leaves to Nishiganda.

Deeya notices Moksh is coming to Nishiganda’s room so she hides from him. Moksh doesn’t notice Deeya in Nishiganda’s room. Moksh goes to Nishiganda and says he felt like she was calling him when she wasn’t with him. Nishiganda says this is love. Deeya sees Moksh and Nishiganda together.

Deeya sees Moksh and Nishiganda doing romance. Deeya cries to herself and leaves from there. Deeya thinks Nishiganda has done something to Moksh as Moksh never crossed his line with her. Nishiganda sees Deeya in her room and thinks why couldn’t she see Deeya before.

Deeya meets the Vaidya ji and shows the photo of medicine ingredient that she took in Nishiganda’s room to him. Vaidya ji says this is a very rare medicinal ingredient and says in ancient times people used this medicinal ingredient to hypnotise others. Deeya asks the Vaidya ji if there is any antidote to it. Vaidya ji says he will hit the books and find out about it. Deeya agrees and leaves from there.

Nishiganda comes into her room and she uses her power to see what Deeya has done in her room. Nishiganda makes the medicinal ingredients vanish in her room.

All the Shikawat family is shown to be busy with preparing for Moksh and Nishiganda’s engagement. Raghunath’s brother complaints to Raghunath that caterers are not able to reach here as they are not able to catch a flight. Raghunath decides to ask Hari Singh to figure out a way but he learns from Josna that she sent Hari Singh to Jodhpur and he will return in the evening. Deeya comes forward and says to Raghunath that she will do all the work.

Deeya takes Moskh Sherwani and brings it to his room. Deeya sees her photo isn’t beside Moksh photo. Moksh comes out of the washroom. Deeya sees Moksh and accidentally drops the flower vase. Moksh asks Deeya not to step forward as glass shards might hurt her. Moksh picks up the glass shards and hurts his hands. Deeya goes to get the first aid kit. Moksh stops Deeya and talks to her. Deeya sees Moksh has chosen another Sherwani that doesn’t match his taste and she asks Moksh about it. Moksh says from when Nishiganda came into his life he doesn’t like simple colours. Nishiganda comes to Moksh and says to Moksh that he shouldn’t talk with Deeya like that and comments on Deeya. Deeya leaves from there.

Deeya calls Vaidya ji and asks Vaidya ji if he found antidote. Vaidya ji says he will find out soon.

In the engagement party, Raghunath introduces Nishiganda to all the guests as Moksh about to be wife.

Vaidya ji comes to Deeya. Deeya takes Vaidya ji to aside. Vaidya ji says to Deeya that Nishiganda has hypnotised Moksh using that medicinal ingredient. Vaidya ji says once Moksh smells this antidote Moksh will come out of Nishiganda’s control.

Nishiganda’s accomplice warns Nishiganda saying Deeya met Vaidya ji and he knows about every medicinal ingredient. Nishiganda’s accomplice asks her to be careful.

Nishiganda uses her spell on Deeya but she sees that it is not working and thinks she has to figure out another way. Nishiganda thinks she has to figure out another way.

Nishiganda uses her powers on water and makes sure Deeya drinks it. Nishiganda thinks once no matter what Deeya is planning Deeya will not be able to do it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Deeya knocks out Moksh and takes him away from his engagement ceremony. Nishiganda realises her spells are not working on Deeya so she decides to handle Deeya in another way.

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