Suhagan Chudail 6th June 2024 Written Update: Moksh breaks free out of Nishiganda’s hypnotism

Suhagan Chudail 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishiganda seeing Deeya has drank the water that she spiked with her spell. Deeya looks at Moksh. Manish later asks all the guests to invite Nishiganda and Moksh for a dance.

Moksh and Nishiganda dance to a romantic song. Deeya feels a little dizzy. Deeya interrupts their dance and she dances with Moksh. Josna thinks Deeya might be intoxicated that’s why she is behaving like this. Nishiganda asks Moksh in her heart to raise his hand and slap Deeya. Moksh raises his hand but he doesn’t slap her. Nishiganda breaks a glass to get Moksh attention. Moksh seeing Nishiganda pushes Deeya away.

Josna asks Moksh how can he misbehave with Deeya like that. Moksh thinks what happened to him as he felt someone is telling him to hit Deeya.

Rachna asks Josna what else could Moksh do as Deeya is trying to stick to Moksh right infront of Nishiganda. Rachna calls Deeya a shameless woman.

Hari Singh asks Deeya to take her away as she is intoxicated. Raghunath also calls Deeya a shameless woman. Hari Singh asks Josna if Deeya behaved shamelessly. Josna stays silent. Hari Singh seeing this takes Deeya away from there.

Hari Singh brings Deeya into the house. Hari Singh pours water over Deeya to bring her out of her intoxication. Hari Singh reprimands Deeya’s behaviour. Deeya recalls drinking water and says to Hari Singh that there was something in the drinking water. Hari Singh doesn’t listen to her explanation.

Bijju’s mother runs into Vaidya ji. Bijju’s mother asks Vaidya ji to see Bijju as he is behaving weirdly nowadays. Bijju’s mother brings Vaidya ji to Bijju.

Vaidya Ji meets Bijju. Bijju complaints about witch entering the house. Vaidya Ji hearing it thinks Moksh is under the hypnotism of witch. Vaidya Ji decides to tell about this to Deeya right away.

Nishiganda creates a clone of herself and makes it dance with Moksh. Nishiganda goes to meet Vaidya ji. Nishiganda’s accomplice warns Nishiganda that her clone doesn’t have powers and says Moksh might be break free of her hypnosis. Nishiganda doesn’t listen to his advice. Nishiganda goes to meet Vaidya ji by turning into Deeya. Deeya knocks out Moksh and takes him away from the party.

Vaidya ji says to Deeya that the hypnotism on Moksh belongs to a witch. Vaidya ji asks Deeya if she used the medicine that she gave her. Deeya says she forgot about it after drinking some water. Deeya asks Vaidya ki what is that medicine used for. Vaidya ji notices Deeya’s feet are backwards and understands she is the witch not Deeya. Nishiganda comes into her true form and asks Vaidya ji what is in the bottle that he gave to Deeya. Vaidya Ji doesn’t tell her. Nishiganda kills him.

Nishiganda reunites with her clone and thinks where has Moksh gone. Nishiganda’s accomplice says her hypnotism
Over Moksh has been broken. Nishiganda thinks whereas Moksh.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Vaidya ji’s dead body. Deeya is shown to have taken Moksh in her vehicle and the car tyre gets punctured. Deeya goes to change the tyre. Deeya is shown to be changing the tyre. Moksh regains consciousness and comes to Deeya.

Nishiganda complaints to Raghunath that Deeya and Moksh aren’t anywhere in the mansion. Nishiganda asks Raghunath to call Hari Singh and find out where is Deeya. Raghunath calls for Hari Singh.

Raghunath asks Hari Singh where are Deeya and Moksh. Hari Singh says both of them might be in trouble. Josna says Vaidya ji’s death and Moskh and Deeya going missing might be related. Nishiganda says both are not related. Josn asks Nishiganda how can she be sure.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Moksh says to Deeya now no one will seperate them. Moksh gives his word to Deeya.

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