Suhagan Chudail 7th June 2024 Written Update: Nishiganda on a quest to find Moksh

Suhagan Chudail 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Moksh hugging Deeya and talking to her as if he just returned from London and he doesn’t know anything about Nishiganda.

Josna asks Nishiganda how does she know that Deeya and Moksh going missing and Vaidya ji’s death is not related. Manish asks Nishiganda what would she know as she was dancing in her engagement and says Vaidya ji has fallen to his death from upstairs and Nishiganda was infront of them the whole time. Nishiganda creates a fire with a spell and makes everyone distracted.

Nishiganda’s accomplice comes to Nishiganda and says that her flower in her hair has dried up and says her hypnotism over Moksh is wearing off and comments on it.

Deeya reminds Moksh that he brought Nishiganda into this house and told to everyone that he will marry her. Moksh tries to recall about it but he doesn’t recall anything. Deeya thinks Moksh might not be able to recall anything as he was under hypnotism of Nishiganda. Deeya asks Moksh to calm down and says he might not be able to recall anything because Nishiganda hypnotised him. Moksh says to Deeya how much he loves her and says no one will come in between them and not even Nishiganda.

The police come and check Vaidya ji’s body. Raghunath asks the cops to first search for Moksh and find him. The police agree and leave from there.

Nishiganda’s accomplice says to Nishiganda that if she doesn’t control her anger her true form will come out and says for her to control her anger she needs to kill someone. Josna calls for Nishiganda but Nishiganda doesn’t respond.

Nishiganda comes to a servant and asks him if he knows where are Deeya and Moksh. The servant asks Nishiganda why is she looking like a witch. Nishiganda kills him and says she is a witch. Nishiganda hides his body in the bushes when Josna comes towards her.

Josna asks Nishiganda what is she doing here. Nishiganda says she is looking for Moskh as she might not care as Moksh is with Deeya. Josna comments on it.

Moksh says to Deeya that the spare tyre is punctured. Moksh and Deeya walk on foot to see if they could seek help from someone.

Moksh and Deeya see some tents in the desert and they go towards the tent. Moksh and Deeya ask the people in the tent for a vehicle. Those people ask Moksh and Deeya to join them in their celebration of their family wedding. Moksh and Deeya agree.

Moksh and Deeya are shown to be dancing along with others.

Nishiganda says to her accomplice that she is going out in search of Moksh and asks her accomplice to keep an eye on this house. Nishiganda comes into the desert looking for Moksh. Nishiganda creates a sand storm as she doesn’t find Moksh.

Mosh and Deeya take shelter in the same tent. Moksh lies to those people they are husband and wife. Nishiganda comes to the place looking for Moksh.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Josna asks Moksh where was she the whole night. Deeya says Moksh was with her. Nishiganda comments on Deeya. Moksh lashes out at Nishiganda.

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