Suhagan Chudail: Nia Sharma returns to rule your hearts

Nia Sharma is well-known for her versatility and striking screen presence. She recently made a comeback with the supernatural thriller drama ‘Suhagan Chudail’.

The show recently hit the screen. Like always, Nia’s spellbound performance is exciting the fans. She is a finest TV actress. Nia is well-known for her talented acting skills. In the newly launched Suhagan Chudail, Nia as Nishigandha, is set to make a new record.

Nia is paired opposite Zayn Ibad’s character. Jodi is earning a separate fan base. Both the actors are great performers. They complement each other in the show. Their recent scene captured the viewer’s heart.

The romantic trip and fall between Moksh and Nishigandha skipped the heartbeat. Fans can’t take their eyes off Nia and Zyan’s breathtaking chemistry.

Suhagan Chudail: Nia Sharma returns to rule your hearts

Right from the look and dress-up to the acting, everything is amazing about Nia in Suhagan Chudail. The fans can’t stop praising Nia’s performance in the show. Check out what fans are saying about Nishigandha, aka Nia Sharma:

“omg nia looks so fierce 🔥🔥”, “nia look so wow”, “Nia looking hot and gorgeous every look excited for the show”, “Chudel is Rocking”

In the upcoming episode, Moksh will bring Nishiganda to his house. He will forget his childhood love, Diya. Nishiganda will capture Moksh for her benefit. Will Diya be able to save Moksh from Nishi’s trap? Will Nishigandha be able to succeed in her evil desire? Will Diya and Moksh be able to fight Nishi? Well, to learn more, keep watching Suhagan Chudail.

Nishigandha and Moksh’s upcoming dance sequence is awaited. Zyan and Nia are going to be the hottest TV screen couple.

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