Suhagan Chudail opens poorly!

By Anil Merani: Colors TV must be disappointed with the first-week ratings of Nia Sharma-led fantasy series Suhagan Chudail. This Peninsula Production has opened to a poor 0.7 TVR, which is more or less equal to what the now-off Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak had premiered. The same had gone off the air in four months flat.

Given Nia’s popularity, the makers would have expected the show to have opened much higher. They have a steep hill climb, and this lousy opening restricts how high they can go. Also, this abysmal rating will restrict the creative maneuvering room the makers would have got had the show opened well. Now the channel will be on their back to hasten the story and employ all twists and turns to effect a quick turnabout.

Sughana  Chudail is the story of a very beautiful Chudail who goes to any extent to get immortality. A very original concept, what say guys?

Nia is the main face of the show, so any blame or accolades would land solely at her doorstep. She also can’t blame the genre, for Naagin continues to rock on the same channel.

Nia is losing her Midas touch. Her prior successes include Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna, Jamai Raja, and Naagin 4.

Male lead actor Zayn Ibad Khan must also be disappointed, as he would have expected this show to mark his TV ascendency. The other casting includes Debchandrima Singha Roy and Aaradhana Sharma etc.

Before considering any future hard action, I hope the channel also concedes that the 10.30 pm slot is a weak fiction  slot that only picks up during  Bigg Boss time.