Suhasini’s memory loss to bring twist in Sirat’s life: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Rajan Shahi ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ is gearing up for high voltage drama. So far it is seen Sirat decides to avoid Kartik and focus on Ranveer. She practice boxing for the selection match. Here, Manish asks Suwarna to call Sirat to sign on the papers. Sirat first decides to avoid visiting Goenka house later she learns that Kartik is not at home. Sirat meet Goenka’s. Goenka’s gets happy seeing Sirat. Suwarna thanks Sirat for coming to sign on the papers. Manish says he will bring the papers. Sirat decides to sign the papers and leave the house before Kartik arrives. She drops the pen. Manish asks Sirat not to do work in a hurry. Sirat signs the paper and decides to leave. Kairav asks Sirat to stay back for some time and play a boxing with him. Sirat decides to leave to avoid Kartik. She refuses to play with Kairav. Suwarna says to Sirat if she wants she can leave as she will make Kairav understand. Manish on call inform Kartik that Sirat sign on the papers. He informs Goenka’s that Kartik will take a time to come. Sirat says to Kairav that one match she can play with him.

Manish see Sirat’s boxing and challenge her for the match with him. Suwarna asks Manish what he is doing as Sirat practice each day. Manish gets adamant to fight with Sirat. Sirat punches Manish hard. Manish faints.

Afterwards, Mainsh regains his consciousness.Later, Suhasini meet with an accident. Sirat comes for Suhasini’s rescue.

Suhasini loses her memory and misunderstand Sirat as Kartik’s wife. Sirat tries to clarify Suhasini. Manish interrupts Sirat and asks to wait until doctor checks her up. Goenka’s and Sirat stands shocked.

Ahead, in the show we will see Suhasini will stop Sirat from leaving. Goenka’s will ask Sirat to continue the drama of being Kartik’s wife until Suhasini revives her memory. Do Sirat will help Suhasini, well keep watching the show to know more.

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